Benefits of Recycling Old Lounges and Chairs for Home Use

07 August 2017

Do you have any old lounges, sofas and chairs laying around your home? Perhaps a family heirloom or other furniture that you got for an incredible bargain at a garage sale. If you have, then you must have thought about repurposing your furniture at one point, either by DIY techniques, or by seeking out a professional upholstery service. Where are your old lounges and chairs? Are they now just stuck in your garage collecting dust, or taking up space hidden away in a corner of a room? Before you consider throwing them out for good, seriously consider the benefits of […]

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Absolute Upholstery: Giving Old Chairs and Sofas a New Life

25 July 2017

Diamonds are forever, but furniture doesn’t last that long. Much like anything else, chairs and sofas eventually wear out depending on their usage and quality. On average, you can expect most run-of-the-mill furniture to last at least 5 years before they show signs of old age. Wooden chairs will develop that unmistakable dullness and obvious scratches will appear. Sofas will get saggy seats, some tears on the cloth or leather are common, and not to mention the occasional squeaking noise that is infamous whenever someone takes a seat! Within 10 to 15 years after buying even quality furniture, the time […]

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What are Comfort Wrinkles in Upholstered Furniture?

11 July 2017

A lot of people who aren’t familiar with the intricacies of furnishing aesthetics and functionality may find it ‘strange’ that some of the sofas, divans, and beds they purchase have what appears to be intentional indentations in them, often appearing as wrinkled areas in what originally was perceived to be ‘firm’ cushioning. While some people may think at first that this is a product defect, and often complain that it is such, these are really designed comfort wrinkles. What many people don’t realise is that these comfort wrinkles are a perfectly normal occurrence in any well-crafted and well-upholstered furniture. The […]

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How Customised Upholstery Can Help in Your Business Branding Image

23 June 2017

One of the goals every business has in common is to build and promote the company’s branding image. Ultimately, building a business brand image is a valuable investment that when done effectively can become distinctly iconic. When using the right colours, lettering, and images, a business brand can become overwhelmingly successful, and it can be as simple as Coca Cola’s white lettering on a red background. Many businesses have undertaken the goal of building their brand image by promoting it through print and imagery online, but there are other ways to reinforce branding too, by availing of customised upholstery. Customised […]

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Tips for Matching Upholstery Patterns and Colours with Your Interior Design

13 June 2017

To complete your scheme of interior design for the living room, family room, den or other room in your home, it is often necessary to match the right upholstery colours and patterns to enhance the area in an attractive, eye-catching fashion. If the colours clash, people will wince when they enter the room. In addition, when you combine too many patterns or colours together, you may create a busy appearance that will overwhelm all who enter into the room. Below, we provide tips for matching upholstery designs and colours with your interior design. 1. Consider the Room’s Overall Colour Scheme […]

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