Restaurant Booth and Sitting Advantages of Customised Upholstery

09 September 2020

Restaurants that have a classy and elegant style and design would normally opt to use traditional chairs and tables in accommodating customers. Other restaurants and establishments, however, would lean towards the use of restaurant booths to complement their retro and colourful theme and elements. Restaurant booths are utilised by select food establishments today due to the abundance of their beneficial features. They can lessen the unnecessary foot traffic within the vicinity and reduce the need for servers to walk around all sides of a table. They can also offer customers more privacy and security over their belongings. Compared to traditional […]

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5 Pet-friendly Fabrics that You Can Use for Reupholstery

28 August 2020

Indoor pets like dogs and cats love to play with whatever things they can access. Be it walls or furniture, they do not truly mind if they get these things scratched or damaged. It is in their nature to be lively, especially when they feel relaxed and adored. However, the things they get scratched on are often not left with a lively appearance. Aside from scratches, numerous hair strands from the pets can also accumulate on furniture pieces over time. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, pet hairs will always stick on furniture that is coated with specific fabrics. Fortunately, […]

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Money-saving Benefits of Headboard Reupholstery for Your Bed

13 August 2020

Reupholstery is the equivalent of reprocessing and refurbishing products. But in this case, it involves several steps just to improve the appearance and sustain the functionality of furniture. The first process involved in reupholstery is the removal of existing upholstery of furniture down to its bare material. Afterward, the base material, which consists of the main structural frame and joints, will be inspected and assessed for any damages. Damaged webs, springs, fasteners, and other small but crucial components will be replaced. Ultimately, a new fabric will be reupholstered or installed on the furniture. One piece of furniture that can be […]

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Save Your Antique Chairs by Hiring the Best Reupholsterer in Sydney

30 July 2020

The fabric that is found on most antique chairs tends to wear out and get damaged over a long time of use, which is evident by spotting some threadbare spots and holes. These damages can easily decrease the value of the chairs, even if they are still strong and functional. Their unsightly appearance also makes these antique chairs left out. There are even some instances where the owners of these chairs just discard them without considering any kind of solution. If you are still willing to spend some valuable resources in saving your antique chairs, then you may want to […]

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Best Outdoor Fabrics for Furniture Upholstery

13 July 2020

Pieces of furniture that are located and installed outdoors tend to wear more due to the existence of exterior elements like harsh sunlight and moisture. Even if they are made from high-quality materials, some of their surfaces and finish may still possess fading effects, mould accumulation, and other damaging effects from different elements. One best way to resolve outdoor furniture problems is through furniture upholstery. Furniture upholstery is the process of providing furniture items with paddings, springs, webbing, fabric, covers, and other related components that are all according to the owner’s preferences. The purpose of this process is to preserve […]

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