Residential Wall Upholstery Benefits for Home Interiors

25 May 2020

Upholstery is normally found on chairs, sofas, and other furniture. It is the use of materials like fabric, padding, webbing, and spring to create soft coverings for a specific surface or object. Even synthetic materials like dacron, vinyl, and serpentine springs are now used for upholstery. Aside from furniture, upholstery can now be used on residential walls. As a matter of fact, many households prefer upholstered walls over other wall customisations since they come in many shades, fabrics, and textures. Moreover, this type of wall coverings offers many benefits that can significantly change the way a home interior looks and […]

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Reasons Why Furniture Reupholstery Helps Promote Sustainability

11 May 2020

Most of the upholstered furniture currently being manufactured in Australia is constructed in a time consuming, labour-intensive way using a multitude of components. The complexity of construction and difficulty in separating individual components makes this style of furniture impossible to recycle. End of life (EOL) is often when the fabric wears, becomes soiled, or the owner follows the next fashion trend and the whole piece is then sent to landfill. It is generally more expensive to remove the cover to re-upholster than it is to start from new, because of the labour costs. However, there is a greater matter at […]

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Furniture Reupholstery: A Sustainable Alternative versus Buying New

21 April 2020

Buying new furniture in comparison to refurbishing old furniture can be quick, easy and economical. You can shop some of the big showrooms, make a purchase and often take it home all in the same day, along with putting the old piece on the curb for the landfill. However, you can for a more sustainable alternative for buying new and that is furniture reupholstery. Furniture Reupholstery Basics The first step in determining re-upholstery as an option is to judge the quality of your piece. Upholstered furniture pieces are like cars and electronics: the quality is hidden inside. Old furniture may […]

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Tips for Reupholstering Vintage Furniture

07 April 2020

Vintage furniture is considered as a timeless piece of interior decor no matter which part of the house it is placed. However, their value is significantly reduced when they show obvious signs of damage and wear and tear from being around for a long time. In order to still utilise these vintage furniture, you have to know how to reupholster them so that you can use them for a much longer time. Below are tips for reupholstering vintage furniture. Consider the Type of Fabric Vintage furniture are most likely made up of the type of fabric that is prominently used […]

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Upholster an Antique Furniture with Sentimental Value

27 March 2020

In the age of the Konmari method, it is a surprise that many people still choose to keep things that are neither beneficial nor functional. Although, it makes more sense if you add the sentimental value of such objects into the equation. Sentimental value plays a vital role especially in deciding which objects are obsolete and which ones to keep. The same case applies to furniture. Some homeowners choose to upholster old or previously-owned furniture rather than buy a replacement one. In their defence, there is no monetary value that you can place on an antique furniture with a high […]

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