Upholster an Antique Furniture with Sentimental Value

27 March 2020

In the age of the Konmari method, it is a surprise that many people still choose to keep things that are neither beneficial nor functional. Although, it makes more sense if you add the sentimental value of such objects into the equation. Sentimental value plays a vital role especially in deciding which objects are obsolete and which ones to keep. The same case applies to furniture. Some homeowners choose to upholster old or previously-owned furniture rather than buy a replacement one. In their defence, there is no monetary value that you can place on an antique furniture with a high […]

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Upholstery Fabric

06 March 2020

The upholstery fabric you choose is the most important element in any upholstery project you undertake. Upholstery is as much about appearance as purpose. The fabric you choose will make or break the aesthetic of your furniture. Below are the factors to consider when choosing your upholstery fabric. Price Upholstery fabrics come in a huge range of prices depending on material and quality. But this doesn’t mean that “good” fabrics with desirable properties have to be expensive. Modern technology has made it possible to get some incredibly high performing and comfortable fabrics for cheap. To make sure you don’t go […]

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French Country Upholstered Chairs and their Benefits to Your Home

28 February 2020

People who are looking to buy French country upholstered chairs do so because they like a very specific style of chair. While the style is unique and beautiful, the pattern and design you choose is equally important. Reupholstering furniture like this can be costly, which is why it’s a good idea to get it right the first time. Apart from saving you money in the long run, you’ll be extremely happy with your new furniture and won’t have to worry about choosing another design. If you are having the chairs customised, you can choose your own design, either by asking […]

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Upholstery Solutions that are Tailored to Your Business Needs

14 February 2020

Nowadays, businesses can find it challenging to stick to their budget especially since cost is always rising. As a result, they have to find innovative ways to stretch your budget. One of those ways is to opt for reupholstering old furniture instead of buying new furniture if you are planning on renovating your business interior. Before you start with the renovation of your business it is a good idea to plan the process and check how much you have available to spend. Once you know what the budget is you can plan accordingly. Determine what the style and design of […]

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Cotton Batting vs. Wool Batting for Upholstery: What are the Differences?

30 January 2020

Upholstery projects almost seem like magic because they have the ability to transform tired and worn-looking spaces into brand-new looking pieces of furniture – especially when colours, fabric patterns and styles are meticulously picked out. However, what most people don’t see is that the most essential component of a good upholstery project is more than what meets the eye. It is, in fact, what lies on the inside. One significant component of upholstery is its batting. Upholstery batting is the fabric padding found between two layers of upholstery covering that is typically made from materials such as foam, cotton, wool […]

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