Top 3 Reasons Why Chair Reupholstering Repair Services Matter Greatly to Businesses

04 November 2021

Well-upholstered furniture in a business setting gives clients, guests and other business associates a positive impression. When your company’s reception areas, offices and conference rooms contain beautiful leather or fabric-upholstered furnishings, you present an image of stability and success. Today’s promotional materials and online postings for many companies include photos and videos of their featured products and services presented in their company or showroom settings. Current clients and prospective customers often react to these attractive images by purchasing the brand’s products and services, increasing company conversion rates and profits. For these and other reasons, top-quality chair reupholstering services are essential […]

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Tips on How to Sanitize and Disinfect Porous Upholstery without Causing Any Damage

25 October 2021

In the fast pace of today’s busy lifestyles, cleaning and sanitizing your upholstered furniture without damaging fabrics is a challenge. From accumulations of pet hair, pawprints spilled foods and beverages and general daily use, your attractive upholstery can collect dust, grime and stains. To keep the upholstered items in your living room, family room and entertainment centre spotless and beautiful, you need to clean them gently on a regular schedule. Tips on Safely Sanitizing and Disinfecting Porous Furniture Upholstery Especially throughout the various stages of the coronavirus pandemic, the subject of how to best clean and disinfect porous upholstery fabrics […]

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Revive Your Old Furniture with Customised Upholstery Design

14 October 2021

Customised upholstery design is an ideal way to revitalise your old furniture with a fresh, updated look. Your new and unique upholstery fabrics can also enhance your entire room interior with their lustrous leather, rich damask, crisp cotton or luxurious linen styles. Your living room, den or family room will display a pleasing, refreshed mode of decor highlighted by your new furniture upholstery. When you add curtains, drapes or blinds that accent with touches of complementary colours and textures, your new room interior will have a fashionable, inviting atmosphere. Ways to Revive Your Older Furniture with Customised Upholstery Design You […]

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The Most Durable Upholstery Fabric Options for High Traffic Use

30 September 2021

Furniture upholstery in rooms or areas that are heavily trafficked must be sturdy and durable. When selecting upholstery fabrics for your family room, your den or the office reception area of your business, shop for attractive designs in the most durable materials. Upholstery that will receive heavy everyday use must be made of strong, tight-weave fabrics. When your furniture is covered in the strongest fabrics, the upholstery will retain its colour, texture and shape for long-term use. Best Options for Highly Durable Upholstery Fabric in Heavily Trafficked Areas The most durable upholstery fabric options for high traffic use are the […]

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The Benefits of Reupholstering Restaurant Booths

08 September 2021

If you own or operate a restaurant or other type of commercial eatery, you may have booths as major seating in your dining area. Restaurant booths have long been popular among customers in restaurants, bistros and corner diners. These casual, comfortable booths provide a friendly, relaxing seating option for couples or larger groups of patrons to sit and enjoy meals, snacks and beverages together. Restaurant booths are also popular items of furniture for home breakfast nooks and in eating areas adjoining your bar and entertainment room. With daily, ongoing use, however, these casual and appealing booths may become somewhat worn […]

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