How to Choose the Right Fabric Pattern for Your Upholstery

25 January 2022

Selecting the right fabric pattern for your furniture upholstery can be confusing and somewhat daunting for many people. You may be shopping for new upholstery for your modern living room sofa or a vintage lounge chair. After viewing even a small fraction of the myriad pattern designs available today, you may feel overwhelmed. Although you know the colour combinations that appeal to you the most, deciding on a specific pattern may be difficult. Some stunning designs that look amazing as swatches or larger samples may be less than appealing for dressing up your furniture. The size, shape and overall style […]

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Upholstery Design and Colour Trends to Watch Out for in the Year 2022

06 January 2022

Upholstery design and colour trends for 2022 are focused on asymmetry and unbalanced or uneven patterns. Fabric designers are involved with viewing flaws and imperfections as valuable qualities that create unique designs. This coming year’s upholstery designs are meant to celebrate the simple beauty of fabrics that display an older, worn or unfinished appearance. The year 2022 will be a time to recognise and enjoy the imperfections in attractive yet comfortably worn looking home decor featuring natural colours. Major Upholstery Design and Colour Trends to Look for in 2022 Leading design and colour trends in upholstery fabrics to look for […]

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The Advantages of Adding Customised Loose Covers for your Living Room Sofa

16 December 2021

There are major advantages to adding customised loose covers to your living room sofa. These slipcovers can be purchased in many home supply or furniture stores, department stores and online marketplaces. Yet by selecting custom-designed covers, you can coordinate them with the other items of your room decor. These attractive and stylish furniture covers are ideal for protecting your sofa from stains and other surface damage. More Benefits to Using Customised Loose Covers on Your Sofa Additional benefits to adding customised loose covers to your living room sofa include the following: Washable Covers. One practical advantage of using loose sofa […]

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Three Ways Your Upholstery Can Impact Your Overall Interior Design

02 December 2021

The upholstered furniture that you select for the rooms of your home can have a strong impact on your overall room decor. It can effectively enhance or detract from the style of your rooms. The ideal upholstery fabric can complement and unify the theme of your interior design. Yet making the wrong choice of upholstery materials can create incohesive, confusing or poorly styled room decor. It is also important to understand how certain colour combinations in fabrics can add to or detract from the appeal of a room interior. Three Ways Your Upholstery Can Have an Impact On Your Overall […]

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How to Choose the Right Wall and Seating Upholstery for Your Coffee Shop

18 November 2021

When selecting wall and seating upholstery for your coffee shop, the fabric’s aesthetic appeal must be equalled by its durability. Wall upholstery collects dirt, dust and grime quickly and easily, especially in a busy eatery. Fabrics that cover chair and banquette seats are subject to friction that produces wear and tear every time a patron sits down. Coffee shop booths receive constant wear as customers slide in and out of booth seating. This causes the fabric fibres to deteriorate, leaving the upholstery looking worn and in need of refurbishing. Every coffee shop owner knows the great importance of maintaining a […]

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