Create an Allergy-Free Home by Choosing the Best Fabric for Reupholstery

03 December 2020

The causes of allergic reactions to a lot of people typically vary. Some people can be sensitive to eating or even smelling certain types of food, while others can get allergies once they have inhaled or interacted with pet dander or pollen particles. For people who are sensitive to these things, their respective immune systems would recognise and identify them as allergens. Out of the mentioned particles, pet dander and pollen particles are only some of the elements that can be found around your home. From your sofa to the carpets, these elements can easily accumulate in these areas, especially […]

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Add Elegance to Your Bedroom with Upholstered Featured Walls

20 November 2020

The walls in a bedroom hugely affect its overall feel and appearance. A bland- or pale-looking wall can easily make the bedroom give off a dreary or gloomy vibe, while a vibrant wall can make it somehow look alive and more welcoming. Since you will be sleeping most of the time in your bedroom, its walls must effectively reflect the look and feel that can make you comfortable. Bedroom walls are usually coated with paint. However, there is another wall option that is now popular among homeowners. Upholstered walls have been recognised as one of the main elements included in […]

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Why is Wall Upholstery Better than Wallpapers?

06 November 2020

Homeowners find ways just to enhance the appearance as well as the quality of their rooms and spaces. One part of their properties that are often modified and improved is the wall. Walls can usually alter the way the whole home property looks and feels. From colours all the way to their overall textures, these elements can easily enhance or impair the design principles of the whole property. To date, there are two ways of modifying the wall. One of the ways of changing it is through the application of wallpapers. Another way of changing the wall is by applying […]

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Custom Made Window Seat and Cushions for Bay Windows

21 October 2020

One element that can easily enhance the overall look of a home is the existence of great windows. Windows have been the primary way of looking beyond the four walls of a property. Additionally, windows help regulate the temperatures of the property as it can let in natural air. And depending on the weather outside, windows can easily prevent heat from entering or getting out of the property. To date, there are numerous types and designs of windows that can be utilised by homeowners. One of these types is bay windows. Bay windows have been around for centuries, but they […]

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Commercial Reupholstery: What Makes this Sustainable and Beneficial for Everyone?

09 October 2020

Chairs, sofas, booth seating, bar furniture, office and reception furniture, and other types of furniture are often utilised in various commercial establishments. From offices to restaurants, these pieces of furniture somehow complete the overall aesthetics and functionalities of these commercial places. One fact that is common among commercial establishments is that their furniture sets are often used by different people. And most of the time, these furniture sets do not receive ample cleaning and maintenance services that can preserve their quality. As a result, most of them would possess signs of wear and tear that can heavily affect both the […]

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