Ideal Fabric Choices for Commercial Upholstery

07 June 2021

When selecting new furnishings for your office or reupholstering your existing showroom furniture, fabric choices can be difficult. You may know the colours and patterns that you want, yet choosing the best fabric type may take some research. Commercial settings often need a different type and weight of fabric from the upholstery used for home furnishings. A major factor when selecting fabrics for upholstery in the workplace is how much use they can withstand. This use factor is measured in double-rubs. Fabrics produced for light use are rated from 8,000 to 10,000 double-rubs. Medium use fabrics for upholstering rate from […]

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Commercial Reupholstery: What are the Reasons that Make It Sustainable?

24 May 2021

Commercial establishments of all types depend on expert reupholstery services to improve and maintain the appearance of their offices, showrooms, boutiques and restaurants. Quality upholstered furniture is essential for the attractive presentation of interior spaces in all business settings today. There are strong current requests and needs for the use of green, sustainable reupholstery fabrics in commercial interior decor. By embracing this eco-friendly trend, business owners are joining the countrywide and global effort to preserve natural resources. What Makes Commercial Reupholstery Sustainable and Eco-Friendly? The following features and benefits of commercial reupholstery make this practice sustainable and environmentally friendly: Reduces […]

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Benefits of Wall Upholstery for Small Office Spaces

10 May 2021

Wall upholstery is a major element of interior decor for your small office spaces that can brighten the entire workplace. You can select the ideal fabrics, colours, patterns and textures to add elegant luxury or casual warmth to each room. Whether you are upholstering a complete interior, one feature wall or a niche, wall coverings make a strong fashion statement. By using traditional wall upholstering methods or today‚Äôs updated panels and clip systems, upholstery experts can create stunning results. Your company staff members will appreciate working in offices enhanced by this inspiring decor. In addition, your clients, guests and business […]

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Know the Pros and Cons of Faux Leather Fabric for Upholstery

29 April 2021

Faux leather is in high popularity today as upholstery fabric for sofas, ottomans, easy chairs, beds and other furniture items. A few years ago, this man-made leather product was considered undesirable for use in the home and office decor. Yet today’s fast-paced lifestyles feature many products that are designed for short-term use. Also, many people move to new locations and homes more frequently than before. For this reason, fashionable faux leather furnishings and accessories that are less costly than genuine leather meet their short-term needs. Although it is more costly, real leather upholstery made from the animal hide is beautiful […]

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Foam, Feather, and Polyester Pillow Fillings: What are the Different Pros and Cons?

08 April 2021

You may be focused on selecting a new mattress for your bed along with linens and a lightweight blanket or duvet. You will make your product choices according to the local climate and current season of the year. An equally important step is choosing the best pillow for a restful, comfortable night’s sleep. The different varieties of pillow fillings now available offer you varied types and levels of comfort during sleep. You may need a different degree of head and neck support from other members of your household. With a little research and some savvy shopping, you can discover the […]

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