To Reupholster or To Buy A New Furniture? How to Determine What You Need to Do

23 August 2021

If your living room or den sofa is showing signs of wear, updating it will enhance the overall room decor. Yet it can be difficult to decide whether to reupholster your existing sofa or purchase a new one. Buying a new major item of furniture is always an attractive option. However, the couch that you now have is most likely of higher quality than sofas that are mass-produced today. Most sofa frames that were made more than a decade ago are rated as higher quality than many that are on the market today. By choosing to reupholster your current sofa, […]

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Understanding Upholstery Fabric Pilling and How to Prevent Them

05 August 2021

‘Pills’ or ‘bobbles’ are small, tight balls of fibre that may appear on the surface of upholstery fabric. These small balls are also commonly called lint balls or fuzz balls. They occur due to friction on the fabric surface, and they can give upholstery an older, worn appearance. The loose fibres that form the pills are still attached to other fibres in the fabric’s weave. This keeps the lint balls securely in place, making them difficult to remove by brushing the fabric surfaces. Yet there are some easy methods of detaching the pills from your favourite furniture upholstery. How to […]

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Upholstery 101: What Every Upholsterer Should Understand

23 July 2021

The art and craft of quality upholstering is a specialized skill that requires knowledge and experience. Detailed projects involving furniture pieces with zigzag springs and coil springs or repairing padding and reinforcing the basic structure require extra time. If you are reupholstering an older item with multiple layers of worn fabric, you must strip down each layer. In this case, you may need to charge a client a higher fee. If you are reupholstering a furnishing as a favour for family or friends, it may take longer than expected. Facts and Tips That Every Upholsterer Needs to Know Important facts […]

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The Pros and Cons of Velvet Upholstery Fabric

08 July 2021

Velvet is a beautiful and luxurious fabric for upholstering furniture in your home or office. It has been a favourite choice of many interior designers for many years. Velvet has the capacity to take centre stage in a room as a major decorative feature. It can also add elegant touches of colour when used to accessorise other major elements of decor. The many varied hues and patterns in velvet fabrics that are currently available can greatly enhance your interior decor colour scheme. Yet there are both pros and cons to using velvet as an upholstery fabric. Pros and Cons of […]

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How to Judge Leather Quality when Upholstering a Furniture

22 June 2021

Before selecting leather for upholstering your sofa, easy chairs or corner sectional, examine the leather carefully. First of all, you want to ensure that the material is genuine leather rather than vinyl. Secondly, you want to be certain that this leather is of high quality. Even a new piece of leather will have surface imperfections. Its colouration will also be varied, and dark patches or areas are common. The natural pores of the leather should have irregular placement rather than being perfectly spaced. This is a good way of distinguishing real leather from faux leather products or vinyl. Ways to […]

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