Top 5 Furniture Upholstery Design Trends for 2021

26 February 2021

Across Australia and around the globe, more people are spending time at home today. With virtual working and schooling as the norm, home design and decor must support multiple functions and needs. The open-plan mode of interior design has been in high popularity in past years. Yet families need more divided spaces today to accommodate home offices, study spaces, exercise areas and family leisure rooms. In smaller or divided living spaces, everyone needs furniture, decor and accessories that visually open and expand interiors. Organic materials, softer furniture shapes and appealing colour schemes are important. Especially helpful to creating bright and […]

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5 Tips to Reupholster Your Furniture Flawlessly

11 February 2021

Furniture pieces are designed to make lives more comfortable, especially when it comes to daily human activities like seating, eating, and sleeping. They can likewise hold or store things, making them functional in a lot of ways. Their overall comfortability and versatility allow them to be part of all types of properties. What makes furniture pieces comfortable and versatile lies to their overall composition. They are often made from materials that are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to elements. However, as people use them all the time, they can still deteriorate that will subsequently compromise their longevity. Fortunately, the practice of […]

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What are the Most Critical Mistakes Made in Upholstery and Design?

27 January 2021

Upholstery can significantly improve the overall texture, feel, and durability of furniture pieces. From sofa to armchairs, upholstery has a great way of making them much more valuable to their respective owners. Some of the most common parts that are often modified with upholstery are padding, springs, webbing, and fabric covers. And with high-quality materials, pieces of upholstered furniture can easily enhance the overall living condition of a property. On the other hand, choosing the wrong elements and committing other upholstery mistakes can easily ruin a furniture piece and make it more difficult to restore. When it comes to general […]

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Recovering vs. Reupholstering Furniture: Knowing the Differences

12 January 2021

Furniture pieces such as chairs, beds, and others are mostly made from high-quality materials. But despite their quality, furniture pieces can still subject to wear and tear due to daily use. They can likewise deteriorate due to the existence of surrounding elements such as heat, moisture, dust, and others. And so, many furniture owners would usually think of getting rid of their furniture pieces once their quality has gone bad. However, others would still save them by either recovering or reupholstering furniture. While these two processes can make furniture pieces useful again, there are distinct characteristics that make them different […]

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Helpful Tips on Maintaining Your Upholstered Furniture

14 December 2020

Having your furniture upholstered allows it to obtain great features and benefits. With the wide design selection of fabric, upholstered furniture can boast an appearance that is both elegant and stylish. Upholstered furniture can also complement well with the aesthetics of properties, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. It can likewise provide a more comfortable feel and experience, which cannot be acquired when sitting on or using a bare wooden, metal, or plastic furniture. Given the benefits of upholstered furniture, maintaining it appropriately can preserve its accompanied features for a very long time. If you just recently have your furniture […]

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