Reupholstery: Your Solution to Help Revive Your Outdated Furniture the Affordable Way

08 March 2022

If you have favourite older, outdated furniture pieces that need refurbishing, you can reupholster them at a surprisingly affordable cost. Your family room sofa that gets heavy-duty use may have upholstery fabric with worn-out streaks or even holes. Your dining room chairs may have stubborn food stains that no spot remover has successfully eliminated. Reupholstering these favoured pieces can be the best solution. If you just found a great bargain on a pair of vintage wingback easy chairs at a garage sale, consider reupholstering them. By replacing the older upholstery fabric, you can enjoy enhancing your room decor with fresh […]

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Health and Hygiene Issues with Old Furniture Upholstery

25 February 2022

Beautifully upholstered furniture can greatly enhance the interior of any room or open-plan space. Most people spend much of their leisure time at home sitting or lounging on upholstered sofas or chairs. Yet unless you clean your attractive older upholstery fabric on a regular schedule, you and your entire household may face some health hazards. Multiple Health Hazards that Unclean Older Upholstery May Cause Unclean older upholstery fabric may cause such health hazards as the following: • Allergic Reactions. Upholstery that is not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis is a frequent collector of allergens. Allergen microbes grow and […]

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Know When to Change and Upgrade Your Coffee Shop Upholstery

09 February 2022

Coffee shop upholstery is an important design element in the interior layout and decor of your stylish eatery. With attractively upholstered banquettes, counter stools and cafe table chairs, your cafe will have a pleasing, welcoming ambience. New and existing customers will gravitate toward your appealing seating areas. Newcomers will have a positive first impression of the inviting interior, and ongoing customers will become loyal clients. The overall look and atmosphere in your cafe must make it inviting and desirable for consumers. By using attractive upholstery fabrics for the furnishings in your seating areas, you can capture the interest and patronage […]

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How to Choose the Right Fabric Pattern for Your Upholstery

25 January 2022

Selecting the right fabric pattern for your furniture upholstery can be confusing and somewhat daunting for many people. You may be shopping for new upholstery for your modern living room sofa or a vintage lounge chair. After viewing even a small fraction of the myriad pattern designs available today, you may feel overwhelmed. Although you know the colour combinations that appeal to you the most, deciding on a specific pattern may be difficult. Some stunning designs that look amazing as swatches or larger samples may be less than appealing for dressing up your furniture. The size, shape and overall style […]

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Upholstery Design and Colour Trends to Watch Out for in the Year 2022

06 January 2022

Upholstery design and colour trends for 2022 are focused on asymmetry and unbalanced or uneven patterns. Fabric designers are involved with viewing flaws and imperfections as valuable qualities that create unique designs. This coming year’s upholstery designs are meant to celebrate the simple beauty of fabrics that display an older, worn or unfinished appearance. The year 2022 will be a time to recognise and enjoy the imperfections in attractive yet comfortably worn looking home decor featuring natural colours. Major Upholstery Design and Colour Trends to Look for in 2022 Leading design and colour trends in upholstery fabrics to look for […]

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