Add Elegance to Your Bedroom with Upholstered Featured Walls

20 November 2020

The walls in a bedroom hugely affect its overall feel and appearance. A bland- or pale-looking wall can easily make the bedroom give off a dreary or gloomy vibe, while a vibrant wall can make it somehow look alive and more welcoming. Since you will be sleeping most of the time in your bedroom, its walls must effectively reflect the look and feel that can make you comfortable.

Bedroom walls are usually coated with paint. However, there is another wall option that is now popular among homeowners. Upholstered walls have been recognised as one of the main elements included in modern home designs as they bring a lot of amazing features and benefits to properties.

Benefits of Upholstered Feature Walls

One of the most known benefits of upholstered feature walls is that they are customisable. This type of walls comes in a wide variety of shades, fabrics, and textures, which allows them to provide your bedroom with an appearance that you prefer the most. Apart from being stylistic, upholstered feature walls can also be flexible. Despite the presence of irregular surfaces and existing paint or coverings on your bedroom, these walls can still be installed without getting rid of them.

As for insulation, upholstered feature walls are great for homes that are in cold locations since they can effectively retain heat inside your bedroom. And if you want your bedroom to be quiet all the time, then upholstered feature walls can easily soundproof it for you. These walls can easily block outdoor noise and provide the needed peaceful room as you get some rest.

And unlike other bedroom wall options, upholstered feature walls can last for a long time due to their tested and reliable durability. They can likewise protect your walls from getting damaged.

Improving Your Bedroom Appearance 

A bedroom with upholstered feature walls can be much more comfortable and cosier to live in. Some portions of your bedroom that can be installed with upholstered walls include the portion closer to your bed headboard as well as the walls in your bedroom.

To fully maximise upholstered feature walls, you must pick the ones that have a soft and pleasant texture. Their colours may depend on your preferences, but they can work best if they possess the same colour theme as your existing room décor. Accompanied by great accent lighting, the texture and colour scheme of your feature walls can be easily highlighted. Doing this can easily help your bedroom feel more inviting and refreshing to the eyes. They can even be part of the room decoration due to their lively looks.

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