Why is Wall Upholstery Better than Wallpapers?

06 November 2020

Homeowners find ways just to enhance the appearance as well as the quality of their rooms and spaces. One part of their properties that are often modified and improved is the wall. Walls can usually alter the way the whole home property looks and feels. From colours all the way to their overall textures, these elements can easily enhance or impair the design principles of the whole property.

To date, there are two ways of modifying the wall. One of the ways of changing it is through the application of wallpapers. Another way of changing the wall is by applying some custom wall upholstery. Wallpapers have been around for a long time now, as proven by their presence on most old and aged properties. Wall upholstery can also be seen in some traditional properties. However, what sets them apart is the way they provide the added appeal of the property as well as their quality and longevity.

Problems with Wallpapers

Many properties still practice the application of wallpapers on their walls due to several benefits. For one, wallpapers can basically match and blend well with different types and designs of walls that are found in most home properties. Additionally, they can add a protective layer to the wall, refraining them from obtaining damages due to scratches, spills, and others. Maintenances of walls with wallpapers are also easier since their surfaces are cleanable and washable. Professionals can likewise install them easily, cutting a huge amount of expenses for wallpaper installation works.

But even with these features, there are a few reasons why wallpapers are not recommended for some home properties. Hiding visible issues on the walls like cracks, blistering plaster, and others with wallpapers will not work since these imperfections can still be visible. Additionally, their edges can separate from the wall, especially in damp weather conditions. Once the edges are separated, then you may need to call for a professional just to reattach or paste them again. Matching their patterns can also pose a challenge, even if they are being installed by a professional.

Wall Upholstery is Better

What is great about wall upholstery is that it offers a lot of fabric options for homeowners. The customisation options for your wall upholstery may likewise include overall feel, texture, colour, and many more. The fabrics available with wall upholstery can also transform rooms into a much more desirable and more beautiful space as they can fit perfectly with different existing wall surfaces. Wall upholstery can likewise enhance the appearance of your property without spending a lot of time and money.

One dominant benefit of wall upholstery over wallpaper application is its ability to enhance the acoustic properties of a room. Wall upholstery can easily reduce the decibel count of ambient noise within a room or space, preventing your property from obtaining unnecessary noise from the outside.

Another great feature of wall upholstery over other wall enhancements is that it can easily cover walls that have visible problems. The need to fix the visible issues is not required when applying wall upholstery to the walls, cutting down the overall cost of installing wall upholstery. And speaking of costs, the repair and maintenance cost of wall upholstery is also reduced significantly since its materials are known to be durable and long-lasting.

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