Custom Made Window Seat and Cushions for Bay Windows

21 October 2020

One element that can easily enhance the overall look of a home is the existence of great windows. Windows have been the primary way of looking beyond the four walls of a property. Additionally, windows help regulate the temperatures of the property as it can let in natural air. And depending on the weather outside, windows can easily prevent heat from entering or getting out of the property.

To date, there are numerous types and designs of windows that can be utilised by homeowners. One of these types is bay windows. Bay windows have been around for centuries, but they still have the elements that can make them suitable for modern architectural designs and structures.

Characteristics of Bay Windows

Bay windows are multi-panel windows that protrude outward beyond the external wall of a house. The outward projection of these windows allows them to form a bay or interior recess. Most of these windows come in a rectangular or polygonal shape, with internal angles ranging from 90° to 150°.

Extending the window beyond the determined wall specifications of home property can easily allow more light into specific areas and rooms. The amount of light that gets in with bay windows is significantly higher than windows that are set into the flat wall. Aside from more natural light, the overall form factor of bay windows allows more space inside the property.

The bay or interior recess of bay windows can be easily optimised into a storage area. Additionally, a window seat with the integration of cushions and soft furnishings can make the interior recess of the bay windows to be more functional. The interior recess of these windows can also be utilised as a display corner for decorative items, plants, accessories, and many more.

Best Window Seat and Cushions

Integrating window seats and cushions with bay windows are great for properties that would want to utilise the outdoor views and lighting. And when it comes to choosing the best window seat and cushions, they must have accurate measurements and dimensions to make sure that they can fit well with other furniture and elements around the area. The width and length of the bay window seats must be determined so that the cushions will be made according to these specifications.

Aside from the width and length, the thickness of the cushion must also be identified accurately. The thickness of the cushions must be determined according to their intended function and purpose. Some of these cushions may be fitted tightly under the window. Others, alternatively, may have some dedicated space for pillows and other types of cushions.

There are tons of fabric options that can fit well with bay window seat and cushions. These fabric options subsequently boast a wide variety of colours, textures, designs, styles, and patterns that a homeowner can choose from. But no matter how abundant the options are, the best custom made window seat and cushions for bay windows should certainly have qualities that can perfectly blend well with existing home design and features.

If you need help with your custom made window seat and cushions for your bay windows, then feel free to contact us at Absolute Upholstery.


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