Create an Allergy-Free Home by Choosing the Best Fabric for Reupholstery

03 December 2020

The causes of allergic reactions to a lot of people typically vary. Some people can be sensitive to eating or even smelling certain types of food, while others can get allergies once they have inhaled or interacted with pet dander or pollen particles. For people who are sensitive to these things, their respective immune systems would recognise and identify them as allergens.

Out of the mentioned particles, pet dander and pollen particles are only some of the elements that can be found around your home. From your sofa to the carpets, these elements can easily accumulate in these areas, especially if their surface materials can attract them quickly. You may have not allergic reactions to these elements, but other members of your family or visitors may be highly sensitive to them.

Best Fabric Options for Allergy-Free Reupholstery

Some fabric options tend to attract more allergy-causing particles compared to others. So, to make your home free from these particles, you may want to consider the following fabric options.

  • Leather: Leather boasts a lot of features that make them great for reupholstery. Its durability allows the material to last for a long time, even with prolonged exposure to damaging elements. Cleaning furniture and fixtures with leather is likewise easier compared to other fabric options. But out of these features, the leather’s hypoallergenic characteristic allows the material to be great for creating an allergy-free home. After all, it does not attract pollens, pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens.
  • Vinyl: Another great fabric option for allergy-free reupholstery is vinyl. Vinyl reupholstery can easily benefit you, your family, and your visitors as it is strong, durable, and long-lasting. It can also withstand rust, corrosion, and effects of moisture. Cleaning and maintenance are likewise easy with vinyl reupholstery. All these features, paired with its ability to prevent allergens from accumulating, make this specific material to be great for allergy-free homes.
  • Microfibre: If you have pets or kids at home, then you may want to consider microfibre reupholstery. Fabric out of microfibre is known for its resistance to stains and lighter cleaning requirement. Microfibre is typically made from tightly woven synthetic fibres, which can provide enhanced durability and moisture resistance without compromising aesthetic appeal. The whole structure of microfibre allows it to prevent dust from penetrating through and accumulating over its surface.

Additional Tips for Creating an Allergy-Free Home

Aside from opting for these fabric options, you can also do some additional things just to prevent the accumulation of allergens around your home. For one, you should avoid placing too much furniture in one area as doing so would easily allow allergens to accumulate faster. You must also refrain from placing many things such as books, toys, and other collectibles around or on your furniture pieces for too long.

And apart from reupholstery, you must choose mattresses, pillows, and other add-ons that are made from hypoallergenic materials. As for your window treatment around your home, you may want to skip heavy curtains and drapes as they tend to attract dust, pollens, and other allergens easier than others.

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