When to Reupholster Commercial Chairs and Lounges

29 January 2019

Eventually, businesses will need to reupholster their chairs and lounges, for good reason. Commercial chairs and lounges are intended to accommodate and seat guests, clients, and visitors comfortably. For any company that values its reputation, investing in the maintenance of their chairs and lounges is vital. Reupholstering old and worn chairs and lounges is a wise financial decision when compared to buying new furniture.

Is it Time to Reupholster Your Commercial Chairs and Lounges?

If you have the same chairs and lounges for more than 10 years, then it is probably time to have them reupholstered with new stylish upholstery. Reupholstering can greatly benefit the aesthetic appeal of a waiting room, lounge area, or working space. However, the most common reason to reupholster commercial chairs and lounges are when these show signs of extensive wear and use.

Here are some of the most common signs that can let you know when it is time you should reupholster your commercial chairs and lounges:

Furniture fabric begins to fray – after much use, the main sign that your chairs or sofa lounges need reupholstery is when the fabric shows signs of wear and begins to fray.

Fading fabric – furniture such as sofa lounges and chairs that are near windows will get their fair share of daily sunlight, which will eventually cause the fabric to fade. This results in chairs and lounges that no longer match other furniture, carpet, and drapes because of the fading fabric colours.

Creaking sound – quality lounges often have springs under cushions, and when these begin to make creaking sounds it means that they need to be replaced or there is damage to the furniture frame. Reupholster work includes replacing furniture springs and repairing the furniture frame if needed.

Chair and lounge cushions sag – if your chairs and lounges are not comfortable anymore because there is little cushion left, then you know it is definitely time to have them reupholstered and the foam cushioning replaced.

New fabric design – if you have plans to remodel or renovate your commercial space, and you need your furniture to match with your planned aesthetic theme, then reupholstering your commercial chairs and lounges is the perfect solution.

If it is time to reupholster your commercial chairs and lounges, then Absolute Upholstery can help. Whether your chairs and lounges are beginning to fray, the cushions aren’t comfortable anymore, the springs need to be replaced and the frame repaired, or you just want to change the upholstery fabric to match your new design theme, then we can help.

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