Upholstery using Velvet Fabric: A Way to Give an Old Furniture a Luxurious Look

22 October 2019

Restoring old furniture has become a trend nowadays. It is proven to have countless advantages in the long run. In terms of aesthetics, refurbishing previously-used furniture can give off a vintage vibe wherever you plan to place it. Aside from that, it is economically friendly since it reduces the necessity to purchase new household fixtures. Lastly, by reusing an otherwise disposed piece of furniture, you will significantly benefit the environment by minimising the trash it obtains.

However, restoring old furniture to an absolute beauty can be quite tricky. It is possible that over time, the fixture has endured wear and tear that has greatly contributed to its physical appearance. Luckily, upholstery using velvet fabric might just be the way to give old furniture a luxurious look.

Soft and Warm

Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed.  It is distinctively soft and warm due to its short dense pile. It is closely considered as the original glamour fabric because of its plush feel and sheen. Formerly deemed as highly expensive, the velvet fabric was known as the uniform of Renaissance royalty because it was extremely complicated to weave. Velvet is perceived to look good on almost any piece of furniture. It is also great for bringing in a different texture among other flat weave fabrics in a space.


That alone proves that velvet fabric exudes an elegant and luxurious appeal. Velvet can be woven from natural fibres, cellulose, synthetic products, or a combination. Among its most common kinds include silk, linen, cotton, wool, and mohair. Silk velvet is considered the most luxurious, smoothest, and softest velvet fabric. Its lustre gives the impression of being wet and is best suited for pieces that will not get heavy use and can fade in sunlight.


A piece of furniture with a luxurious look must also look durable. Efficient upholstery using velvet fabric must be able to endure a rub test measurement. If the velvet fabric exceeds more than 15,000 double rubs then it is considered suitable for heavy duty residential use. Some people appreciate aged velvet. They think that velvet improves over time. They opt for the vintage appearance of a well-used velvet fabric as it adds to its luxurious and antique appeal.

Colour Consistency

Different types of velvet fabric can contribute to the aesthetic value of old furniture. Synthetic velvets resist fading so their colour depth remains consistent unlike other fabrics. Despite innovation, you can still see the distinction between synthetic velvet and its natural counterparts. However, the combination of synthetic and natural fibres exudes the luxurious vibe even in old furniture.

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