The Advantages of Adding Customised Loose Covers for your Living Room Sofa

16 December 2021

There are major advantages to adding customised loose covers to your living room sofa. These slipcovers can be purchased in many home supply or furniture stores, department stores and online marketplaces. Yet by selecting custom-designed covers, you can coordinate them with the other items of your room decor. These attractive and stylish furniture covers are ideal for protecting your sofa from stains and other surface damage.

More Benefits to Using Customised Loose Covers on Your Sofa

Additional benefits to adding customised loose covers to your living room sofa include the following:

  • Washable Covers. One practical advantage of using loose sofa covers is that many of them are machine washable. When you can launder your furniture covers easily and efficiently, you can keep your sofa free of dust, dirt and pet hair. Stains from spilled foods and beverages can be washed away quickly and effectively.
  • Cosmetic Purposes. Older, worn pieces of furniture like a favourite living room sofa can be refurbished with the addition of stylish covers. Any scrapes or scratches to wooden sofa arms or carved decorative features can be hidden by beautiful fabric slipcovers. Loose covers are more modular and useful than form-fitting furniture covers. The looser styles are easier to install and will still fit your sofa if they should shrink somewhat when first laundered.
  • Versatile Styles. Loose covers are available today in a wide array of materials, colours, textures and patterns. It is easy to find covers that can complement and enhance other items of your room decor. You may also need attractive yet highly durable cover fabrics to withstand the wear and tear of busy family activities. Perhaps there are small children and young pets in your household adding to the heavy-duty use that your sofa receives.

If you are shopping for loose covers for your elegant, sedate and calm living room, you may decide on silk, satin, velvet or linen covers. These beautiful fabric covers can shield your sofa surfaces from dust while adding style and allure to your living room decor.

  • Cost-Efficient Redecorating. When you redecorate your living room, there is no need to discard your favourite sofa. Simply by giving it new fashion and flair with beautiful, refreshing loose covers, you can transform your existing sofa into a stunning central item of decor. It can even command centre stage in the overall interior design of your living room. You can still enjoy its familiar relaxing comfort while it brightens and enlivens your updated interior.

When you consult our experts at Absolute Upholstery located in Petersham, NSW, you can gain valuable information and advice about customised loose covers for your living room sofa. Our experienced team is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of selecting new loose sofa covers that will align perfectly with your home decor.

They will guide you in selecting the ideal fabric, colours, textures and patterns to greatly enhance your overall room design. Our pros will ensure that your stylish and practical new loose sofa covers will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs for revitalizing your living room interior.

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