Springtime Furniture and Upholstery Design Ideas for Outdoor Use

24 September 2018

Springtime can be a wonderful time to bask in the beauty of the outdoors, even if it’s just in the comfort of your own backyard or patio. But people rarely spend time outdoors anymore, primarily because of unattractive or uncomfortable furniture that does nothing for outdoor aesthetics, and most especially does nothing for your own creature comforts.

Improving your outdoor furniture or updating its preexisting upholstery might help to rekindle your interest in outdoor relaxation. If you are looking for excellent outdoor furniture ideas, you might want to give the following a try:

  • Wicker furniture – a tad old-fashioned and very close to shabby chic, wicker is nevertheless low-maintenance, weatherproof, and wonderfully comfortable with upholstery or pillows. Upgrading wicker furniture can be as easy incorporating upholstery, since it not only enhances the comfort of wicker, but it also adds to its overall aesthetics, creating a look that is both simple and timeless.
  • Wrought iron – while wrought iron furniture may be thought of as ‘uncomfortable’, with the proper sort of cushions, something simplistic can become a thing of elegance. Wrought iron outdoor furniture is a wonderful choice thanks to its low-maintenance nature, weather-proof properties, and its unique aesthetics. Add a couple of throw-pillows, or some woven basket cushions and you have a comfortable outdoor lounge setting that’s perfect for spring.
  • Driftwood – driftwood is a rustic, but equally aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture that can be enjoyed with or without the added creature comforts of upholstery. Known for its often free-form or ‘primitive’ appeal, driftwood can also be tooled and shaped into a variety of different designs. Left on its own, or made better with cushions, driftwood is a reliable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting outdoor furniture that will outlast you!

Versatile enough for any occasion, they make an excellent affordable alternative to wrought iron.

Waterproof Your Upholstery

Sometimes, a little bit of cushioning is always welcome. One of the problems of outdoor upholstery is that it can get soaked if left out in the rain. If you’re tired of having to always bring cushions back in after a short siesta, then why not consider waterproofing them. There is a wide assortment of waterproof fabrics available in the market, which makes for excellent outdoor upholstery and cushion cover choices.

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