Save Your Antique Chairs by Hiring the Best Reupholsterer in Sydney

30 July 2020

The fabric that is found on most antique chairs tends to wear out and get damaged over a long time of use, which is evident by spotting some threadbare spots and holes. These damages can easily decrease the value of the chairs, even if they are still strong and functional. Their unsightly appearance also makes these antique chairs left out. There are even some instances where the owners of these chairs just discard them without considering any kind of solution.

If you are still willing to spend some valuable resources in saving your antique chairs, then you may want to have them reupholstered. The process of reupholstering antique chairs easily replaces their old, worn-out fabric. Repairs and replacements are also done with antique chair parts that have already been damaged and broken.

Reupholstering Antique Chairs

The reupholstery of antique chairs can be easily done if they have minimal damages. Adequate knowledge and experience in furniture repairs and replacements also qualify you to do the reupholstery of the antique chairs. Just make sure that you have all the hand tools needed for an uninterrupted reupholstery activity.

The first step in reupholstering antique chairs is to remove the seat top from the chair. Usually, the seat top is fastened with screws underneath the seat. So, find these screws and store them safely. Afterward, you must now deal with the old fabric. Some people may want to add a new fabric layer right on top of the existing fabric. Others, however, may have to replace the existing cushioning for a newer feel and look. Both options will work as long as the antique chairs will obtain a much more dynamic appearance.

If you intend to remove the old fabric, then you must use an appropriate screwdriver in loosening all the fasteners that hold the fabric. After removing all the fasteners, you must now cut the new fabric according to the size of your antique chair’s cushion with enough to have a few inches overhang. The overhang will effectively pull the fabric down as you attach it to the seat. Put the fabric over the seat and turn it over to start with the fastening or stapling process. Maintaining and re-staining the new fabric must be done regularly to ensure that the antique chairs will last for another few decades.

Hiring the Best Reupholsterer

Reupholstering can be easy for some, but others may find it difficult, especially if other antique chair parts need to be taken care of. Some materials may also not be compatible with the chair. If you are not confident about your reupholstery skills, or if you think that other reupholstery tasks must be done by others, then you must hire the best reupholsterer that you can get within your area.

In hiring the best professional for reupholstery, you must assess the services of the company as well as their accumulated knowledge about the reupholstery itself. Working with a professional that specialises in reupholstery can easily get the job done. Another thing that you must do when hiring a reupholsterer is to ask for any of their certifications and past experiences. You must also know their overall process of reupholstering furniture pieces. Doing these things will help you determine the best reupholstery professional that can restore and save your antique chairs.

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