Prevention of Moulds and Bugs in Upholstery

01 November 2017

One of the best ways to preserve the upholstery of furniture is to make sure that moulds and bugs don’t take root. Even though furniture may not get used often, these can still become worn and damage when they become infested with moulds and bugs in upholstery. Most people associate mould with bathroom and kitchen spaces, but few resources available take into consideration the negative effects mould has in upholstery.

People may not realise it, but they should be concerned about mould and bugs affecting their valuable furniture, as these can migrate from the upholstery of one piece of furniture to another, and even spread throughout a house. The spread of mould and bed bugs from one piece of furniture to another piece’s upholstery is possible because these can migrate from the clothing of people.

Whether it is members of a family or guests visiting your home, mould and bed bugs from clothing can transfer to your upholstery, and if gone unnoticed for long can become a health problem. This is why cleaning your furniture regularly is important. While cleaning upholstery may sound easy, care should definitely be taken as cleaning materials people typically use to remove moulds, such as vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and chlorine, can damage some types of fabrics. Although, using these will not totally eradicate bed bugs or other small insects from your furniture.

When using these types of cleaning agents it is advised to wear long sleeves, gloves, and a mask or respirator. Cleaning furniture upholstery properly requires certain cleaning tools, cleaning supplies, a good amount of elbow grease, and some knowledge about fabric materials used in upholstery. Otherwise, a DIY upholstery cleaning project can end-up damaging your furniture’s upholstery instead of cleaning it.

This is exactly why many people choose to hire professionals to clean their upholstery, or instead opt to reupholster worn or damaged furniture with new upholstery.

Preventing Moulds and Bugs in Upholstery

The prevention of moulds and bugs in upholstery starts with understanding the cause of moulds, and how bed bugs travel. Basically, moist and wet upholstery can develop moulds, so it is not recommended to leave wet towels and clothing on furniture for long, and when liquid is spilled on upholstery it should be dried as soon as possible.

While mould can effectively be prevented by keep furniture dry, staving off bed bugs from furniture is not as easy. These little insects can be transported via clothing, pillows, luggage, and blankets, and they are not easy to remove completely. Keeping furniture well-maintained, and linen and clothing clean is the best way to prevent bed bugs from getting into furniture upholstery.

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