Modernise your Bar by Reupholstering Your Bar Lounges and Stools

02 April 2019

Bar and pub owners are always looking for ways to fill their seats to boost business, not just on weekends, but during the midweek too. There are many things that can be done to increase bar business, such as creating a happy hour promotion to stir up business, introduce new food to the bar menu, provide live entertainment, or have karaoke nights.

There are many ideas for boosting bar business, however, one often overlooked way to draw in more customers is to modernise your bar by reupholstering your bar lounges and stools.

Reupholstering Bar Lounges and Stools is a Great Way to Modernise Your Bar Business

Modernising your bar by reupholstering your bar lounges and stools is an ideal way to keep up with the expectations of your customers. Modernising the furniture in your bar doesn’t have to be expensive because you don’t have to by new stools and bar lounges. Instead, you can reupholster your bar lounges and stools to look brand new!

In fact, when you reupholster your bar lounges and stools they will be brand new, as reupholstery includes making needed repairs and restoring furniture to a like-new condition, with new cushions and fabrics. Reupholstery is actually better than buying new furniture for your bar because there are nearly unlimited design choices available. For example, when you purchase new and ready-made furniture, there aren’t many choices available, with regard to choices of upholstery material, and the colour and design of fabric.

Instead of renovating your bar around a limited design selection of ready-made furniture, you can get creative modernising your bar by reupholstering bar lounges and stools with nearly unlimited choices of fabric designs. With just the right design and fabric material, not only will your regular patrons appreciate newly upholstered bar lounges and stools, but you are also assured to attract new customers into your bar.

It can be confusing when trying to choose the right materials and fabric designs for bar lounges and stools, as there are a wide selection of choices available. At Absolute Upholstery, our professional upholsterers can help bar owners choose the best materials and fabric designs for their bar lounges and stools.

If you want to modernise your bar lounges and stools, then Absolute Upholstery can help! We specialise in upholstery and furniture restoration services that are tailored to meet the needs of bars and pubs. All work is done in-house, by our expert upholsterers who will work closely with you, to minimise downtown during the modernising of your bar furniture.

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