Know the Best Upholstery Fabric When You Have Pets at Home

02 December 2019

Pets are indeed one of the greatest creatures to ever grace our otherwise bleak and mundane world. Whatever their sizes are, whether they are — big, small, furry or ferocious-looking, they sure have made our lives better in one way or another. They have become our constant and consistent companions that we made them part of our families. But it is not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to these adorable animals. There are instances wherein we scratch our heads out of frustration because these cute ones can be messy.

Although pet discipline training can be achieved, you cannot train them into obedience at an instant. Before you can get them to follow you, you have to endure first a series of cleanups and patience testing. But if you are opting for a more secure and long-term adjustment, pet-proofing your home could be your best bet. Below are the best upholstery fabrics when you have pets at home.


Aside from being a trendy upholstery fabric, velvet can also be an ideal material for your home especially if you have furry friends around. Pet hair can be easily removed from velvet by using a lint brush or a slightly damp cloth. However, due to the nature of the fabric, velvet can show marks and stains easily. This means it may be better to save your velvet touches to curtains rather than footstalls and poufs.


More often than not, tweed is the default upholstery fabric for pet owners, thanks to its durability. However, many are not aware of the characteristics of tweed that might not seem to be a good idea if you have furry companions. It is because the deep weave in tweed could actually trap cat or dog hair, making a lot more difficult to clean. If you do however still want to go ahead with reupholstering a chair with a tweed fabric, consider investing in some throws that can be washed and replaced easily.


Perhaps the easiest option for pet owners, leather can be wiped clean time and resists odours long term. The only downside however, is that leather is prone to showing scratches. For cat owners especially, it can be that newer leather styles just aren’t practical. If you opt for an older more vintage-looking aged leather, scratches can be concealed more easily, and sometimes even add to the shabby-chic look and enhance the style you’re going for.

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