How to Choose the Right Wall and Seating Upholstery for Your Coffee Shop

18 November 2021

When selecting wall and seating upholstery for your coffee shop, the fabric’s aesthetic appeal must be equalled by its durability. Wall upholstery collects dirt, dust and grime quickly and easily, especially in a busy eatery. Fabrics that cover chair and banquette seats are subject to friction that produces wear and tear every time a patron sits down.

Coffee shop booths receive constant wear as customers slide in and out of booth seating. This causes the fabric fibres to deteriorate, leaving the upholstery looking worn and in need of refurbishing. Every coffee shop owner knows the great importance of maintaining a clean, inviting interior dining atmosphere with spotless, attractive and updated decor.

Ideal Wall and Seating Upholstery for Your Coffee Shop Interior

Recommended selections for your coffee shop wall and seating upholstery include the following:

  • Microfibre. The most durable, long-lasting upholstery for wall covering and furniture seats today is synthetic microfiber. This fabric is composed of ultra-fine fibres. These fibres are very tightly woven, producing strong, resilient and lasting upholstery fabric. Coffee shop chair, stool, bench and booth seats that are covered with microfiber fabric resist dirt, dust and staining from spilled foods and beverages. This upholstery also withstands heavy-duty, daily wear-and-tear well.
  • Canvas. Upholstery made of canvas fabric has many qualities similar to those of microfiber. Yet canvas lacks the soft, comfortable surface smoothness that microfiber provides. This is due to the larger size of the canvas fibres. Canvas first gained popularity as sturdy and practical upholstery fabric for outdoor furniture. This fabric became known for its durability, even during hurricanes and tropical storms, which eventually made it a frequent choice for use as commercial upholstery.
  • Cotton and Linen. These two fabrics are also composed of very durable, sturdy fibres. However, they can only provide high degrees of durability if their fibres are tightly woven. Tight-weave fabrics can resist wear and damage from dust, dirt and spilled foods and beverages well. They also snag and tear much less frequently than loosely woven materials. In addition, these tightly woven upholstery fabrics are easier to clean and maintain than loose-weave fabrics.
  • Leather and Faux Leather. Both leather and faux leather are popular standbys for commercial upholstery fabrics. They are stylish and practical for wall panels, and they offer lasting durability and easy upkeep for coffee shop seating. Whether your eatery has upholstered cafe chair seats, fabric-covered benches or upholstered booths, elegant or rustic styles in leather or faux leather may be an ideal choice. Leather walls and seating upholstery also add a warm, natural ambience to the overall decor of your coffee shop.

By consulting our experts at Absolute Upholstery located in Petersham, NSW, you will obtain excellent information and advice concerning top-quality commercial upholstery. Our highly experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal wall and seating upholstery fabrics for designing or updating your coffee shop decor. Our team will ensure that the interior of your stylish eatery will be greatly enhanced with the addition of the latest fashionable and functional upholstery fabrics and designs.

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