How to Choose the Right Fabric Pattern for Your Upholstery

25 January 2022

Selecting the right fabric pattern for your furniture upholstery can be confusing and somewhat daunting for many people. You may be shopping for new upholstery for your modern living room sofa or a vintage lounge chair. After viewing even a small fraction of the myriad pattern designs available today, you may feel overwhelmed.

Although you know the colour combinations that appeal to you the most, deciding on a specific pattern may be difficult. Some stunning designs that look amazing as swatches or larger samples may be less than appealing for dressing up your furniture. The size, shape and overall style of a sofa, bench or chair must also be considered carefully when choosing a new upholstery fabric pattern to enhance it.

Selecting the Ideal Upholstery Fabric Pattern for Your Furniture

The following expert advice and tips can help you choose the right upholstery fabric pattern for enhancing your furniture:

  • Consider Your Room’s Other Furnishings. Take into consideration the other fabric colours and patterns currently in your room decor. Consider the size and shape of other major items of furniture and accessories in the room interior. If the furnishings include other upholstered furniture, pillows and drapes or curtains, compare the sizes and shapes of their patterns.

Then select a fabric pattern size and colour scheme that is different from yet compatible with your interior’s current fabrics. The new fabric that you select should also complement the shape, size and style of the item that you are upholstering.

  • Understand the Fabric Pattern’s Visual Impact. Take time to understand and appreciate the visual impact that you desire in a new upholstery fabric pattern. Do you want the new pattern to add texture or enhance the overall colour scheme of the room? Are you looking for a bold colour accent or a more subtle touch? Do you desire a dynamic effect, a touch of light-heartedness or a contemporary-chic style? After clarifying the pattern design that you want, select your upholstery fabric pattern accordingly.
  • Consider the Design and Price of Your Furniture Piece. Consider its design and price before deciding on a new upholstery fabric pattern for your sofa, ottoman, bench, or chair. If your furniture item to be upholstered is a small, inexpensive piece, try a bold or trendy fabric pattern that appeals to you. If you grow tired of this upholstery pattern, you can always replace it at a cost-efficient price.

However, if the item of furniture you are upholstering is large and upscale in pricing, select a higher-grade fabric. You want a more fashionable chic or elegant upholstery fabric pattern for this furnishing. You will also most likely desire a smaller, more sedate pattern and colour scheme for upholstering this piece.

By consulting our experts at Absolute Upholstery located in Petersham, NSW, you can obtain excellent information and advice concerning choosing the right fabric pattern for your furniture upholstery. Our experienced professionals serve clients throughout Sydney and all surrounding areas. Our fine team will work closely with you. They will ensure that you select the ideal upholstery pattern to greatly enhance your furniture and the entire room decor.

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