Furniture Upgrade for a Tight Budget: Why is Reupholstery the Best Option?

04 June 2019

If you just don’t have the money to purchase new furniture for your home, don’t worry because you can give your furniture an affordable upgrade to make it like new again. Whether you have hand-me-down furniture or a sofa and chairs you have had for years, there is a way for furniture upgrade on a tight budget by utilising reupholstery services.

Many people are under the impression that professional reupholstery is too expensive and end-up recovering their furniture by themselves. There are sofa and chair slipcovers available, but these are often costly and typically do not look as good as people hope for when placed over furniture. However, furniture slipcovers are very effective at protecting upholstery for people who own pets or when entertaining guests during a party.

If you want to give your furniture an upgrade to make it look like new again, then reupholstery is the best option.

Reupholstery is the Best Option for Furniture Upgrade When on a Tight Budget

Reupholstery is the best option when you are on a tight budget and want to upgrade your furniture. For example, those that attempt to reupholster their furniture themselves quickly discover that the cost of materials needed to reupholster are expensive when purchasing them at retail prices. Fabrics and furniture foam, as well as adhesives, paint and nails are not cheap. In fact, the cost of these materials alone can cost as much as reupholstering your furniture.

Even when these materials are available, upholstery work is no easy task. The chances of something going wrong when attempting DIY reupholstery, so you can save a little money, often ends in badly. It is not recommended trying reupholstery on furniture that has sentimental value or was a family heirloom, as the chances of damaging these during a DIY reupholstery project isn’t worth the risk.

If you have a tight budget and you want to upgrade your furniture, it is definitely possible when you work with Absolute Upholstery – A Quality Furniture Upholsterer in Sydney.

Affordable Reupholstery Services in Sydney – Free Quotes

At Absolute Upholstery, we can offer affordable reupholstery services because we purchase all the necessary materials for upholstery work at wholesale prices. A furniture upgrade does not have to be expensive, even if you are on a tight budget, we can work with you to stay within your budget’s limit.

If you are ready to reupholster your furniture, all you have to do is send us some photos of your furniture. Once we receive your photos we will give you some guide prices, advice and fabric suggestions that will be within your budget limit. For a free price quote, send your photos to, or text 0401 976 104.

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