Creating Beautiful Upholstery for Your Business because First Impressions Last

19 October 2017

The choice of upholstery can make or break a setting, that is why choosing the right one for the home or office is a tricky affair, especially since a lot of people assume that anything expensive immediately equates to ‘good looking’. However, in the world of furniture design, price isn’t always a hallmark of aesthetics or quality.

If you are looking to impress potential clientele who come to visit your office for consultation or during a professional meeting of any sort, then choosing the right type of furniture upholstery really does matters.

Create A Lasting First Impression With Beautiful Upholstery

There are certain aesthetic standards in office settings that are a tad more stringent compared to household ones, but overall, it is the proper application of upholstery as a way to set the mood that can leave a lasting impression on people, for good or bad, and that really matters.

The ‘proper’ choice for office furniture usually revolves around the more sombre hues and the traditional trappings of dark wood and warm leather. However, times are changing, and with it, so are aesthetics.

Today, ‘futuristic’ office furniture can be had that are almost a complete antithesis to traditional standards; however, these tend to be kitschy at times and don’t always leave the impression desired. Bold, striking colours as well as a change in the choice of upholstery materials fare better for the more ‘modern’ offices, along with aesthetics that hint of minimalism, with a touch of pizzazz.

If you want to create a lasting first impression with beautiful upholstery, and you would like some help, then here are some pointers to help you:

  • Hues are everything – the colour scheme you pick isn’t always a dead giveaway of your favourite colour. More often than not, in professional settings, colours are used to create or elicit a specific mood in people. With that said, darker colours like rich browns, mahogany, deep reds, greys and black create a sombre, serious atmosphere and are perfect if you want clients to take you very seriously. However, it can be somewhat overbearing and intimidating if you use too much.

Lighter hues, especially in tones of blue establish trust and calm in people, while hues of green relaxes people to put their guard down.

  • Choice materials and textures – there is a reason why leather is so popular in offices – is gives a rich, sleek look and has a wonderful texture. It is things like this that leaves the most memorable of impressions on individuals.

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