5 Tips to Reupholster Your Furniture Flawlessly

11 February 2021

Furniture pieces are designed to make lives more comfortable, especially when it comes to daily human activities like seating, eating, and sleeping. They can likewise hold or store things, making them functional in a lot of ways. Their overall comfortability and versatility allow them to be part of all types of properties.

What makes furniture pieces comfortable and versatile lies to their overall composition. They are often made from materials that are durable, long-lasting, and resistant to elements. However, as people use them all the time, they can still deteriorate that will subsequently compromise their longevity. Fortunately, the practice of reupholstery allows these furniture pieces to function optimally and last longer. Aside from functionality, reupholstery can also change the way furniture pieces look and feel.

If you are opting for furniture reupholstery, here are 5 tips that you can consider and follow.

Tip #1: Assess the Condition

Before opting for any types of furniture works, you must first assess the general condition of your furniture. Upholstered furniture may have damages on its main upholstery, stuffing, or structure. Damages that involve the upholstery and stuffing can be resolved with reupholstery. Alternatively, if the damages are structural, then you do not have a choice but to replace the whole furniture with a new one.

Tip #2: Consider the Costs

Subjecting your existing furniture pieces to reupholstery allows you to improve their condition as well as change their appearance. However, the overall costs of the reupholstery process must be considered first to make sure that it will be truly worthy. The costs of reupholstery may depend on the furniture size, existing damages, and materials that will be used. Labour costs are also included in the said costs. If all these costs are still sensible, then you must proceed with the reupholstery process.

Tip #3: Look for a Company

Once you have decided to go for reupholstery, then you must look for a professional company that can do the process for your furniture pieces. When looking for a reputable company, you must confirm that they have all the needed knowledge and experience in terms of the overall reupholstery process. They must also have all the tools and materials that can make your furniture pieces feel and look new again.

Tip #4: Prioritise Quality

Not all expensive materials have outstanding quality. Sometimes, a cheaper material can already withstand elements that furniture pieces often tolerate. When choosing quality materials, you must make sure that they can resist varying levels of pressure and temperature. Their colours must also not fade easily. These materials should likewise allow owners to clean and maintain them effortlessly.

Tip #5: Consider the Fabric

The success of the reupholstery hugely depends on the performance of the fabric. Therefore, you must match the type of fabric that will be used for your furniture pieces to your current lifestyle. If you have kids or pets, then you must opt for fabrics that offer enhanced durability and resistance to scratches and wear. Other elements that you may want to consider for your fabrics are colours, patterns, and finishes.

If you want your furniture pieces to be reupholstered, feel free to call us at Absolute Upholstery.


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