Upholstery Design Trends for the New Year

14 January 2020

The New Year gives way to more interior design trends. This is truly the season for homeowners to update their decor by adding sophistication and comfort to their homes. Below are few of the upholstery design trends for 2020. Artisanal Pieces Many interior designers have noticed a shift in upholstery trends, specifically the sudden popularity of customised pieces. More clients are opting for fixtures from local artists and small businesses alike to create unique environments. Artisan fixtures with a hand-crafted feel will better personalise your home, and like natural elements, they’ll help shift the eye’s focus around the room to […]

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Welcome the New Year with Newly Upholstered Furniture

13 December 2019

To prepare for the New Year, you should treat yourself to newly upholstered furniture. Whether you own a commercial establishment or a home, replacing worn upholstering, brightens up sofas, chairs and other padded furnishings. While it is easy to find places to perform this action for you, it is imperative that you turn to one that guarantees quality results. Search no further than our company, Absolute Upholstery, since we provide reliable, durable, attractive upholstery jobs for residential and commercial clients from our Petersham location. Why You Should Replace Old Upholstery for the Coming New Year • Minor tears in upholstery […]

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Know the Best Upholstery Fabric When You Have Pets at Home

02 December 2019

Pets are indeed one of the greatest creatures to ever grace our otherwise bleak and mundane world. Whatever their sizes are, whether they are — big, small, furry or ferocious-looking, they sure have made our lives better in one way or another. They have become our constant and consistent companions that we made them part of our families. But it is not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to these adorable animals. There are instances wherein we scratch our heads out of frustration because these cute ones can be messy. Although pet discipline training can be achieved, you cannot […]

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Cushions for Sofas: Tips on How to Mix and Match with Your Upholstery

22 November 2019

Sofa cushions are important elements for every room inside your home. Whether for your living room or bedroom, sofa cushions should be able to match your overall theme and design. But how do you mix and match? It’s easier to call for an interior design expert or someone who has a good eye for design. But, if you don’t have these luxuries, then you might just settle doing it yourself. Mixing and matching sofa cushions with your upholstery can be a fun task, and this is something that should not really stress you out. As long as you have the […]

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Furniture Reupholstery: A Good Idea When Moving to a New Home

05 November 2019

Moving into a new home is never easy. There are a lot of unpacking, preparing, and modifying done in order to settle into the new area of residence. Every nook and cranny must be checked and cleaned to ensure the safety of each person. Moving to a new home offers a fresh start for individuals and families. They could redecorate, renovate and extend their homes in more ways than one so that they can make the new place their own. One specific method to ensure this is by furniture reupholstery. Furniture reupholstery is the process of completely tearing down a […]

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