What is High Density Foam Material in Upholstery?

07 September 2017

Much time, planning and effort goes into a quality piece of furniture such as a couch or reclining chair. It’s true, but most people never really consider this until they sit in one that is not as comfortable as they imagined. While there are many basic types of couch frames and chair frames, it is the upholstery work that really defines each piece. In fact, it is the quality of the upholstery and the materials used that truly can make a piece appealing aesthetically, and that make it comfortable to recline in.

With that said, if the foam that is in your chair or sofa is not as comfortable as you would like, or it is starting to degrade and lose its rebound-ability, then you may want to consider having it reupholstered with new high density foam material. There are different grades of foam, and, although a new sofa or reclining chair may be very comfortable and cozy to sit in at first, low-grade foam often deteriorates quickly with use.

So, most people are become vexed when the cushions of their new sofa or reclining chair begin to sage, losing its firmness and rebound-ability after they just recently bought it, at a ‘great price’. Furniture manufactures that make and sell many ‘affordable’ furniture often can do so because they utilise lower grade foam and materials. Most people are not aware of this, only considering the aesthetics and price of the piece when making their decision to buy.

If you are considering purchasing a new sofa or reclining chair because the foam cushions are sagging and don’t bounce back like it used too. Or, it just isn’t as comfortable as you want it to be, you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a new replacement. Instead, you can have your furniture reupholstered with high density foam material.

Comfort Depends on High Density Foam Material in Upholstery

Low density foam leads to sagging cushions that make furniture appear worn and old, not to mention uncomfortable to sit on. This is often what eventually happens to cheap furniture that did not use quality high density foam material in its construction. Foam used for furniture cushions is measured by density and compression. Basically, the denser the foam, the heavier it is, and its compression rating reflects how much force is required to compress it by 25 percent.

The two standards – density and compression – defines the hardness and softness of foam used in upholstery, with high density foam being the most desired for sofas and chairs.

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