What are the Most Critical Mistakes Made in Upholstery and Design?

27 January 2021

Upholstery can significantly improve the overall texture, feel, and durability of furniture pieces. From sofa to armchairs, upholstery has a great way of making them much more valuable to their respective owners.

Some of the most common parts that are often modified with upholstery are padding, springs, webbing, and fabric covers. And with high-quality materials, pieces of upholstered furniture can easily enhance the overall living condition of a property. On the other hand, choosing the wrong elements and committing other upholstery mistakes can easily ruin a furniture piece and make it more difficult to restore.

When it comes to general upholstery and design of furniture pieces, here are some of the most critical mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Following the New Trend

There are a couple of new trends in upholstery that can be truly attractive for furniture owners. And so, a lot of them would just follow these trends so that their furniture pieces can fit into the current design preferences. While new trends can add great value to properties, a few of them can only be popular in a very short time. Following the new trends for a quick refresh for your furniture pieces is not necessarily bad but opting for timeless designs is much more preferred to avoid multiple upholstery works.

Picking the Wrong Fabric

One part of upholstery that must be prioritised by furniture owners is the fabric. The fabric allows a piece of specific furniture to attain a more personalised look and feel that can match the overall aesthetic of a property. But aside from the appearance and texture of the fabric, it must also have needed durability and resistance to elements so that the furniture can last much longer. Opting for the wrong fabric will not only make the furniture look dull and boring, but it can also make it much more susceptible to elements.

Opting for the Cheapest

Another critical mistake when it comes to upholstery is to opt for the cheapest option available. The primary purpose of upholstery is to make furniture pieces more appealing, more durable, and more valuable. Opting for the cheapest upholstery option might help you save money right now, but your furniture piece might not look the same after a few weeks as most cheaper material options tend to fade faster. Going for upholstery that can secure your investment for a long time is much preferable.

Rushing the Upholstery Job

Companies that perform upholstery works have sufficient knowledge to do everything right. And with their expertise in the industry, they know how long it would take to work on specific types of furniture pieces. Putting pressure on these companies just to speed up the upholstery process is not truly helpful for you as they might feel overwhelmed or even frustrated. Allow them to work on their own pace would help you obtain a furniture piece that has great upholstery job.

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