Welcome the New Year with Newly Upholstered Furniture

13 December 2019

To prepare for the New Year, you should treat yourself to newly upholstered furniture. Whether you own a commercial establishment or a home, replacing worn upholstering, brightens up sofas, chairs and other padded furnishings. While it is easy to find places to perform this action for you, it is imperative that you turn to one that guarantees quality results. Search no further than our company, Absolute Upholstery, since we provide reliable, durable, attractive upholstery jobs for residential and commercial clients from our Petersham location.

Why You Should Replace Old Upholstery for the Coming New Year

• Minor tears in upholstery can turn into major holes when left alone. Wear such as this can ruin the look and functionality of the furniture for the year to come.

• Holes in upholstery can cause the stuffing to fall out, which makes the furniture less comfortable to use.

• Children may be injured using furniture with less than desirable upholstery, especially if staples or nails are exposed.

• Worn upholstery makes a bad impression on all who enter your house or commercial building.

• Replacing old upholstery provides you a high return your investment since it helps your furniture lasts for years longer.

Reasons to Rely on Our Company for Your Upholstery Needs

1. We Provide a Wide Selection of Fabric Options

When you turn to our company to welcome in the New Year with newly upholstered furniture, you can choose from a wide assortment of fabric options. Not only do we offer the highly popular tweed, velvet and leather options, but we also provide other ones that you may fail to realise on your own. Also, our company has patterns, solids, non-textured and textured fabric choices in numerous colours and patterns. As a result, you can complement your business or home décor perfectly with our help.

2. Our Company Repairs and Upholsters All Types of Furniture and Cushions

You can bring us any type of furniture from antique pieces to new pieces. We even repair pieces, if necessary, to ensure that the chairs, sofas or other items hold up for years. On top of all this, we also repair and recover cushions to complement your furniture favourably.

3. Absolute Upholstery Serves Both Commercial and Residential Structures

We believe in serving as many clients as possible. For this reason, we upholster furniture pieces for residential and commercial clients. Sofas, ottomans, chairs, headboards, stools and cushions are some examples of what homeowners bring to us regularly. Commercial clients also may rely on our services for these items along with bar stools, wall upholstery, banquette seating, reception furniture and medical chairs for patients.

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