Upholstery Slip Covers: Benefits, Purposes and Functions

06 December 2018

Ever since the development and wide use of upholstery, keeping it clean and free from stains and dust have always been problematic. Especially since some types of upholstery are prone to gathering dust more than others, and some types of upholstery have a propensity to become damaged from water stains brought about by accumulated moisture.

The upholstery of many years ago often became dingy, musty, and dusty due to lack of proper care. Because of this, innovations like the slip cover were developed to protect upholstery. Slip covers today provide a number of advantages that bare upholstery does not.

If you are concerned about keeping your upholstered furniture in pristine condition, then here are some reasons why you should invest in slip covers:

  • Dust protection – it can be difficult and painstaking to keep dust from accumulating on upholstered furniture. However, with a slip cover, you can effectively prevent the unwanted accumulation of dust on your upholstery. Instead of permeating the upholstery right into the filling (which is very difficult to remove), the dust gathers on the slip cover instead, which one can simply remove and launder.
  • Stain protection – there is nothing worse than to discover stains on your upholstery, and then trying to remove them without causing any damage. Having a slip cover provides a layer of protection from accidental spills and stains.
  • Protection against odours – upholstery that isn’t properly aerated has a tendency to collect a musty odour over time. Having a slip cover prevents the accumulation of moisture from sweat and external humidity, which helps to prevent mustiness. It is also far easier to launder and dry out a malodorous slip cover than it is to air out musty upholstery.
  • Prevents the accumulation of fur – if you have pets, then you may have had to deal with the trouble of pet fur clinging to nearly every inch of upholstery that you have. Having a slip cover definitely helps to keep fur from clinging to your upholstery and allows for easier cleanup.
  • Protects ornate brocade upholstery – if your upholstery features ornate embroidery, then having it constantly exposed may not always been a good idea, especially since it can get snagged or damaged in some way. Slip covers can protect embroidered upholstery, so they can be showcased only when they have to be.

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your furniture’s upholstery, then Absolute Upholstery can help. We can custom design and make slip covers to perfectly fit your furniture.

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