Upholstery Design and Colour Trends to Watch Out for in the Year 2022

06 January 2022

Upholstery design and colour trends for 2022 are focused on asymmetry and unbalanced or uneven patterns. Fabric designers are involved with viewing flaws and imperfections as valuable qualities that create unique designs.

This coming year’s upholstery designs are meant to celebrate the simple beauty of fabrics that display an older, worn or unfinished appearance. The year 2022 will be a time to recognise and enjoy the imperfections in attractive yet comfortably worn looking home decor featuring natural colours.

Major Upholstery Design and Colour Trends to Look for in 2022

Leading design and colour trends in upholstery fabrics to look for in the year 2022 include the following:

  • Biophilic Designs. Natural or biophilic designs are a popular trend in upholstery, drapery and curtain fabrics for 2022. Myriad shades of green are in vogue due to the ever-growing popularity of house trees and plants.

There is an emphasis on creating calm, nature-focused environments that feature natural ventilation and lighting along with plants of many varieties. Upholstery for home furnishings will feature plant life and celebrate the beauty of climbing vines, trees, flowers and animal life.

  • Luxurious Fabrics. Fresh, natural designs in textiles, and especially upholstery fabrics, are a popular trend for 2022 home decor. These fabric designs are being used to add cohesiveness to the use of both neutral and warm tones in room interiors. There is a current desire to include a feeling of elegant natural warmth in home design.

The use of suede, damask and linen upholstery fabrics that display natural elements on earth-tone backgrounds is in style. Also high in demand are upholstery fabric patterns featuring rich pops of colour on neutral-hued backgrounds. Velvet in vintage patterns and natural colours is also popular.

  • Elements of Japandi Style. A strong trend for home interior design in general for 2022 is Japandi design, a creative mix of Japanese and Scandinavian fashions. Minimalist in basic style, this attractive decor includes many natural colours and elements.

Upholstery fabrics feature gentle, subdued natural colours. Natural lighting, plenty of plants and simple lines are in vogue. Upholstery fabrics are either in solid colours or display small, delicate plant-related patterns in nature-based shades.

  • Entangled Design.During the last year, different rooms in your home may have merged to accommodate office work, class time, family relaxation and more. Purposes of different living spaces blended into ‘entangled’ interior design. Now outdoor areas are considered extensions of the home as well, adding to this intermingling of living spaces.

Gardens that were once outdoors now extend upward on indoor ‘green’ walls as colourful entanglements of natural and constructed environments. An important element of this new mode of home design is the natural-themed upholstery on indoor and outdoor furniture.

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