Types of Fabric that Wears Best on a Sofa

07 December 2017

Sofas are a modern paragon of comfort that is a must-have for every home. But not all sofas are made, or upholstered, the same. In the short time since the West has adopted the creature-comforts of the Turks and the Persians, a gamut of different materials that have been employed in the creation and upholstery of sofas can be seen, some stunning and others lacking in any sort of inspiration whatsoever.

Today, sofas are still an integral part of every household, office, and working area, with an influence that has extended to encompass the aesthetics and tastes of different cultures throughout the world. But one thing sets a good sofa apart from an average looking or plain old sofa – the upholstery.

Upholstery is essentially any kind of material that is stretched over a type of padded surface, which is then sewn, tacked, or otherwise held in place by some means or other. Good upholstery makes or breaks any sofa. It comes as no surprise, but even low-quality or cheaply made sofas, furbished with excellent upholstery or the right material to suit the overall aesthetics of a room or setting, will be several times more appealing aesthetically than a very pricey one.

Here are some types of fabric that wears best on a sofa:

  • Cotton – cotton may be the last thing you’d think about when you’re considering upholstery, but in the good old days, cotton was one of the go-to choices for upholstering sofas, thanks to its durable, lightweight, and versatile nature. Cotton will, like sack cloth, provides its own distinct advantages and aesthetics and can be dyed a myriad of different colours.
  • Velvet – considered to be among the pinnacle of upholstery material, good, high-quality velvet, especially plush velvet, makes for a truly stunning statement piece if you ever upholster a sofa with it. Although it can be a bit finicky to clean, and somewhat difficult to maintain, its superior aesthetics are well-worth it, especially if you want to spruce up a formal setting.
  • Leather and suede – not exactly a ‘fabric’, it does count as among the most popular materials for sofa upholstery. Leather, properly cared for and treated, provides some measure of waterproofing, while suede accentuates any sofa with much-needed body and texture. Either of these two materials are excellent go-to choices for formal or casual settings.

If you’re looking to breathe some aesthetic life back into an old sofa, then contact us here at Absolute Upholstery, we have all types of fabrics that can meet your specific needs.

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