Top 5 Furniture Upholstery Design Trends for 2021

26 February 2021

Across Australia and around the globe, more people are spending time at home today. With virtual working and schooling as the norm, home design and decor must support multiple functions and needs. The open-plan mode of interior design has been in high popularity in past years. Yet families need more divided spaces today to accommodate home offices, study spaces, exercise areas and family leisure rooms.

In smaller or divided living spaces, everyone needs furniture, decor and accessories that visually open and expand interiors. Organic materials, softer furniture shapes and appealing colour schemes are important. Especially helpful to creating bright and energizing or subtle and calming room atmospheres are updated furniture upholstery fabric designs. Our team of experts at Absolute Upholstery in Sydney can assist you in selecting ideal upholstery to enhance your home.

Five Leading Design Trends in Furniture Upholstery for 2021

Five top design trends in furniture upholstery for 2021 include the following themes, colours, materials and styles:

1. Natural Themes. Upholstery fabric designs depicting natural outdoor scenes and plant life are in vogue this year. These themes and patterns may be realistic or abstract to suit your preferences and other room decor. Animal and bird themes are also popular, especially for children’s bedrooms, study areas and playrooms. Seaside scenes and ocean life are also in demand for entertainment or exercise spaces.

2. Mood-Effective Colours. The use of colours to set a definite room atmosphere is also a trend for 2021. Upholstery designers are creating bright, cheerful colour combinations to enhance home relaxation areas and children’s rooms. For quieter study and work areas, more subdued, calming colour schemes are also in style. Neutral shades accented with pink, beige, rust, burnt orange and mustard are being used in home offices and living rooms. For areas used mostly by younger members of the family, stronger tones in blue, green, purple, yellow and red are popular.

3. Functional Materials. For this year, natural wood, industrial metals and unfinished stone are replacing polished brass and lacquer for furniture designs. To complement this trend toward the use of natural materials for couch and chair bases and frames, more woolen, canvas and cotton-blend fabrics are being used in upholstery designs. They are durable and often resist fading and streaking better than some synthetics.

4. Organic Designs. Since furniture designs are now featuring more rounded lines and organic shapes, upholstery fabrics must fit these curves surfaces smoothly. These fabrics must also wear well on rounded forms. Fabric designs and patterns must also look attractive on less traditional furniture shapes. To meet this need, upholstery designers are now creating patterns that are also organic in form. They are visually appealing on rounded surfaces and do not require meticulous pattern matching at fabric seams and furniture borders.

5. HD Printed Patterns. With the availability of advanced HD printing for fabric designs today, patterns are precisely printed and long-lasting. Colours are pure in tone and strongly resistant to fading. Many upholstery fabrics are also stain-resistant, even without applying stain-proof surfacing substances. This high-quality printing technology also enables many upholsterers to offer custom fabric designs to align with your favourite home decor.

New and popular upholstery design trends for 2021 are both fashionable and functional. With the expertise and guidance of our leading upholstery designers, you can transform your multi-purpose home. Let them help you create your ultimate stylish and liveable contemporary dream house.


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