To Reupholster or To Buy A New Furniture? How to Determine What You Need to Do

23 August 2021

If your living room or den sofa is showing signs of wear, updating it will enhance the overall room decor. Yet it can be difficult to decide whether to reupholster your existing sofa or purchase a new one. Buying a new major item of furniture is always an attractive option.

However, the couch that you now have is most likely of higher quality than sofas that are mass-produced today. Most sofa frames that were made more than a decade ago are rated as higher quality than many that are on the market today.

By choosing to reupholster your current sofa, you can save money and continue enjoying a fine quality, well-made home furnishing. Many homeowners or renters also find that after replacing their existing sofas, they are not pleased with certain other items of room decor. This can lead to extra spending for new items that home updating spending budgets do not include.

How to Determine Whether to Reupholster or Buy a New Sofa

The following tips can help you decide whether to reupholster your current sofa or purchase a new one:

• Sofa Structure. If the fabric of your existing sofa is worn, faded or torn in places, it is definitely time for updated upholstery. However, before deciding whether to reupholster or buy a new sofa, examine the structure of your couch. If the frame is sagging or damaged, it is best to shop for a new sofa.

Even if your existing sofa’s frame has no serious damage or defects, check its composition. Hardwood frames should be strongly constructed with joints that are secured with timber dowels instead of staples. Lightweight sofas often have frames made of metal or synthetic materials. These may be more difficult to assess for wear-and-tear, but check them for any signs of weakness or damage.

• Sofa Springs. If your sofa is a high-quality design, its springs will be coiled and secured with twine. If its springs are not coiled, or if your sofa is made with panels of runner in place of springs, it is probably not worth reupholstering. If your couch has springs, but some of them are broken, shopping for a new model is a good decision.

• Foam Quality. To determine the quality and condition of your sofa’s foam, squeeze the cushions or padded arms. If they compress easily and do not bounce back into shape, they are most likely composed of inferior quality foam. In this instance, reupholstering will not be a good investment.

Yet if the foam has a slightly lumpy, but firm, feel, a professional reupholstering service can revitalize your sofa. These experts can return your couch to its original style and comfort for continue use.

• Reupholstering Cost.
The cost of reupholstering a sofa is typically based on its size, style and the type of fabric used. The age of the sofa can also influence the cost of reupholstering. Since the extent of work required for each individual reupholstery project is different, you should contact your local experts for an estimate.

By consulting our experienced team at Absolute Upholstery located in Petersham, NSW, you can obtain expert advice about deciding to reupholster your existing sofa or purchasing a new one.

Serving Sydney and all surrounding regions, our professionals provide superior quality upholstering services. They will ensure that your current sofa is refurbished to its original beauty or offer advice concerning selecting a new sofa to complement and enhance your living room or den decor.

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