Tips for Matching Upholstery Patterns and Colours with Your Interior Design

13 June 2017

To complete your scheme of interior design for the living room, family room, den or other room in your home, it is often necessary to match the right upholstery colours and patterns to enhance the area in an attractive, eye-catching fashion. If the colours clash, people will wince when they enter the room. In addition, when you combine too many patterns or colours together, you may create a busy appearance that will overwhelm all who enter into the room. Below, we provide tips for matching upholstery designs and colours with your interior design.

1. Consider the Room’s Overall Colour Scheme

When you go to select the colour of your upholstery, think about how it fits in with the room’s overall colour scheme. While you do not need to match each shade perfectly, your upholstery should complement the rest of the colours in the room including the paint on the wall, the shade of carpeting and other non-upholstered items in the room.

2. Choose Upholstery That Looks Attractive with Your Wood Flooring If Applicable

If your room contains wood flooring, your upholstery should stand out against its shade and not get lost in it. For example, if you choose a cream colour for your upholstery with a pale wood floor, the cream may not show up as well as it does with a darker wood, such as mahogany or walnut just for one example.

3. Select No More Than Three Main Colours

Choose up to three main colours for your upholstery when you require more than one piece of furniture unless monochromatic is your goal. If other shades are necessary to meet your expectations, be certain they are accent colours rather than primary ones. Too many primary choices of colours, will overwhelm the room and spoil the effect.

4. Combine Different Patterns Together in the Same Room

Do not be afraid to combine different patterns in upholstery in the same room. For example, stripes and florals complement each other as long as the colours do not clash. Of course, solids in different shades always go together, but you will add a special dimension to the room by mixing patterns. Just avoid overdoing with the patterns to keep from making the room too busy.

5. Your Upholstery Fabric Should Be Suitable for Your Lifestyle

On top of the above tips, you also need to match the upholstery fabric to your lifestyle. If kids or pets will be using the furniture, be certain that the upholstery is easy to clean and durable. Of course, this is an important point, no matter who will be using your upholstered furnishings.

For further tips for matching upholstery patterns and colours with your interior design, consult with Absolute Upholstery. We offer our services to residential and commercial structures. A free quote awaits you upon request.

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