Three Ways Your Upholstery Can Impact Your Overall Interior Design

02 December 2021

The upholstered furniture that you select for the rooms of your home can have a strong impact on your overall room decor. It can effectively enhance or detract from the style of your rooms. The ideal upholstery fabric can complement and unify the theme of your interior design.

Yet making the wrong choice of upholstery materials can create incohesive, confusing or poorly styled room decor. It is also important to understand how certain colour combinations in fabrics can add to or detract from the appeal of a room interior.

Three Ways Your Upholstery Can Have an Impact On Your Overall Interior Design

Three ways in which your upholstery can impact your overall interior design include the following:

  1. Harmonious Style. The style of the upholstery fabric that you choose should complement the items of furniture that you are upholstering. The fabric should also create a harmonious effect with the other design elements of your room decor. The colour, texture and pattern size of upholstery fabric are all important features to consider when choosing your materials.

Large fabric patterns can be overpowering on a delicate chair or a small ottoman. Yet in a large room or open plan living space, large or bold patterns can be quite attractive and effective. If your room decor is classic traditional in style, be sure to select upholstery fabric that displays this same style. If, however, your interior exhibits contemporary casual decor, upholstery designed in this stylistic mode is best.

  1. Pleasing Colours. The colours of your upholstery fabric have a strong impact on the overall decor of your room. Of course, you want to choose a fabric that will please you and your entire household over a length of time. Most people do not reupholster their furniture every season, so select fabric colours and designs that you can live with happily for a while.

Be aware that rooms decorated with warm or cool colours can have a definite effect on your moods as well as on the atmosphere of your interiors. Warm colours remind you of sunlight and heat, and they are ideal choices for rooms that are best suited for a cozy, inviting look. Cool colours bring to mind images of the evening sky, water and snowy days. Visually, cool colours can enlarge a small interior while creating a calm, sedate ambience. If you prefer colours with neither warm nor cool tones, neutral shades may be your ideal choice.

  1. Appropriate Fabric Types. If your room interior is classic traditional or vintage in style, good upholstery fabric choices are velvet, chenille or jacquard. Chenille looks similar to velvet but offers greater durability for long-term use. Jacquard has an elegant, classy appearance, offering a textured, decorative look while also providing durability.

Microfibre is a very strong, durable upholstery fabric that resists abrasion and fading. It is especially recommended for furniture that receives regular, heavy-duty use. This fabric offers an upscale, multi-weave look and is often called faux suede. Leather offers a timeless, sleek and appealing appearance and will last for many seasons of enjoyment. For a less expensive upholstery choice, faux leather is also long-lasting and suitable for use with all modes of decor.

By consulting our experts at Absolute Upholstery located in Petersham, NSW, you can obtain excellent information and advice concerning the ways that your upholstery can impact your overall interior design. Our knowledgeable professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal upholstery fabrics, colours and styles to greatly enhance the room decor of your home.

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