The Pros and Cons of Velvet Upholstery Fabric

08 July 2021

Velvet is a beautiful and luxurious fabric for upholstering furniture in your home or office. It has been a favourite choice of many interior designers for many years. Velvet has the capacity to take centre stage in a room as a major decorative feature.

It can also add elegant touches of colour when used to accessorise other major elements of decor. The many varied hues and patterns in velvet fabrics that are currently available can greatly enhance your interior decor colour scheme. Yet there are both pros and cons to using velvet as an upholstery fabric.

Pros and Cons of Selecting Velvet for Your Upholstery Fabric

Major advantages and disadvantages of choosing velvet as your home or office furniture upholstery fabric include the following:


  • High Aesthetic Value. Velvet is known for its elegance and outstanding aesthetic value. Even a dark, small or sparsely furnished room gains style and allure when a velvet upholstered sofa is added. For both home and commercial settings, velvet lends a pleasing and inviting sense of luxury and beauty.
  • Soft, Rich Texture. The soft-touch and rich texture of velvet fabric is conducive to creating a stunning piece of upholstered furniture. Velvet retains its elegant nap and lush texture while aligning with the lines of each item of furniture that it covers. This fashionable material has volume and character that will enhance your entire room’s decor.
  • Creative Versatility. Velvet upholstery has a great creative versatility. It can be a major component in room decor of many different styles. Whether you are designing your room to display traditional, vintage 1950s, contemporary-chic or minimalist decor, velvet can add a stylish flair. Nearly everyone is attracted to the elegance and allure of velvet. Your family, friends or business associates will delight in spending time in your rooms displaying velvet upholstered furniture and accessories.
  • Uplifting Cold Season Fabric. Velvet brightens your rooms during cold seasonal weather. This richly coloured and textured fabric lends the feeling of charming warmth to your living room, den or office reception area. You and your entire household or office staff will look forward to spending time in your velvet-enhanced room decor.


  • Early Signs of Wear. Velvet upholstery can show signs of wear and tear quickly. Any damage to the fabric will show in the rich nap and texture. The true beauty of this fabric is created by its rich colours and elegant, lush textural volume. Unfortunately, pulled threads or surface damage to the fabric often cannot be hidden or easily repaired.
  • Cleaning Issues. Velvet upholstery fabric can stain easily when beverages or other liquids are spilled on it. Although modern upholstery fabric typically has some surface protection against staining, velvet cannot be totally protected from surface damage. Cleaning velvet can be costly. In addition, even the best professional cleaners may not be able to restore the beauty of your velvet-covered furniture.
  • Dust-Absorbent Fabric. Velvet fabric accumulates and absorbs dust easily. Even when velvet furniture upholstery is dusted, vacuumed and cleaned regularly, it can be difficult to maintain its true elegance, soft texture and beautiful colours.

By consulting our experts at Absolute Upholstery serving Sydney and all surrounding areas, you can receive excellent advice concerning using velvet upholstery. Our knowledgeable and experienced professional team will guide you in selecting the ideal velvet fabrics to greatly enhance your home or office interiors with true elegance and charm.

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