The Most Durable Upholstery Fabric Options for High Traffic Use

30 September 2021

Furniture upholstery in rooms or areas that are heavily trafficked must be sturdy and durable. When selecting upholstery fabrics for your family room, your den or the office reception area of your business, shop for attractive designs in the most durable materials. Upholstery that will receive heavy everyday use must be made of strong, tight-weave fabrics. When your furniture is covered in the strongest fabrics, the upholstery will retain its colour, texture and shape for long-term use.

Best Options for Highly Durable Upholstery Fabric in Heavily Trafficked Areas

The most durable upholstery fabric options for high traffic use are the following types:

Natural Fabrics

  • Cotton. Cotton can look crisp, casual or comfortable, according to the fabric design, texture and colours. It is also available in various degrees of durability. Densely woven kinds of cotton-like sailcloth, denim or duck cloth are typically quite durable choices for upholstery fabrics. Lighter cotton weaves such as chintz offer an attractive, airy style, but they lack the durability and longevity of the heavier cotton variants.
  • Wool. Made of woven animal hairs, wool fabrics can be very appealing and durable for furniture upholstery. Woollen blends offer easier cleaning and maintenance and the same degree of durability as pure wool fabrics. Wool upholstery material is especially appealing for use in cold climates and during stormy winter seasons. Its warmth and the richness of its textures enhance the fabric colours and add warmth to the overall room decor.
  • Leather. Although more expensive than most other upholstery materials, leather is quite durable. It is known for enhancing any room decor with a fashionable quality of elegance. Leather upholstery can easily align with the other items of your interior furnishings to offer an atmosphere of polished fashion or casual charm. It also softens with ongoing use. Leather is easy to clean and maintain using natural leather cleaners and polishes.

Synthetic Fabrics

  • Polyester. This synthetic fabric is quite durable and easy to care for. It can be sponged with water and a mild detergent to remove stains. Today’s polyester materials are mostly fade-proof as well, and they will not pill or streak with heavy daily use. Although lightweight, they can wear as long as heavier fabrics without showing signs of age. However, you should avoid polyester blends, as they do not offer the same long-term wear as pure polyester.
  • Microfiber. This is one of the most durable upholstery fabrics currently available. It is very similar to polyester and offers the same high degrees of reliable wear and longevity. Microfiber resists staining, fading or streaking. It can be sponged clean of food and beverage spills or other liquid stains with water and mild detergent. It also retains its shape and smooth surface quality even with heavy-duty use.

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