Revive Your Home Patio with the Upholstery of Your Outdoor Furniture

07 October 2019

Patios have always been very popular spots to spend lazy, quiet afternoons, or humid evenings, which is why comfortable outdoor furniture is important. Although the practice is not as popular as it used to be, as people are spending more time indoors, there are some who are rediscovering the benefits of spending more time outdoors.

If you are fortunate enough to have a patio space in your own home, and you already have some outdoor furniture, then you might as well make the best out of it by reviving the practice of lounging about comfortably outdoors. All it takes to revive your home patio is a small investment in upholstery.

Back in the mid-30s until well into the late 90s, people invested a good amount of time choosing the right kind of furniture for a patio. It needed to be comfortable but not too posh that it would look out of place in an outdoor setting. The ideal outdoor furniture had to be low-maintenance enough to be left partially exposed to the elements, but not too shabby as to be off-putting.

If you are contemplating on reviving an old patio, then there are some upholstery types you should consider for your outdoor furnishings.

The Three Best Outdoor Upholsteries for Your Patio

If you’re new to the whole ‘revive the patio’ practice, you may be wondering what kinds of furniture upholstery would be best for an outdoor setting. Here are three great ideas to get you started:

• Linen – linen upholstery may be something totally unheard of today, but back in the heyday of outdoor lounging, linen upholstery was commonly used everywhere for outdoor furniture. Linen is a light but durable fabric that can be dyed an assortment of different colours or otherwise embroidered with patterns. It is therefore quite versatile, aesthetics-wise, but is also affordable and low-maintenance enough to be an ideal choice for your outdoor furniture.

• Corduroy –
 sometimes called velveteen, corduroy was in the past what denim is today. Textured, thick, durable, and very affordable, it was termed ‘poor man’s velvet’ primarily due to its popularity as upholstery for working-class couches. While its popularity has declined today, it is still widely available and affordable. This makes it an excellent choice for long-wearing, durable outdoor upholstery.

• Duck cloth – duck cloth is a thickly woven cotton-based fabric, similar in looks to canvas. Much like linen, duck cloth is versatile, durable, long-wearing and low-maintenance, making it among the most popular choices for patio furniture upholstery.

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