Restaurant Furniture Upholstery: Best Upholstery Fabrics that Work Best

08 June 2018

When it comes to the restaurant industry, presentation is everything. A lot of people think that presentation predominantly revolves around food in the restaurant business, but they often forget that ambience has just as much to do with a restaurant’s popularity than does the taste of their food. In most cases, external décor is the baseline for the majority of restaurant aesthetics.

This becomes somewhat problematic, since it overlooks one integral aspect to ambience that people rarely pay any heed to – comfort. A good restaurant will only be as good as the comfort it is able to provide to customers, since feeling comfortable and relaxed is one of the paramount prerequisites of fine dining, and the essence of what makes a meal wholesome and a fulfilling experience.

Restaurant furniture is often designed to be functional and low-maintenance, but they rarely provide comfortable sitting or dining.

If you want your restaurant to be a notch above the competition, going back to the classics – in this case upholstering your furniture – is an excellent way to provide an extra and much-welcome sense of coziness that is often lacking in eating establishments today. But when it comes to upholstered restaurant furniture, not all types of upholstery material work.

Restaurant upholstery can be quite finicky, especially since you’ll have to consider things like accidental stains, various odours from cooking and spices, all of which can damage upholstery in the long run. If you’re keen on finding the best material for restaurant furniture upholstery, consider the following fabrics:

  • Velveteen – velvet’s more affordable, but no less elegant cousin is an excellent choice when it comes to restaurant furniture. Combining the best of classiness with excellent durability, velveteen is low-maintenance and can be cleaned quite easily, making it ideal for use in restaurants.
  • Brocade – a bit more ostentatious and more expensive than velvet, brocade is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that has a little more flair. Not only does it come in a wide assortment of designs with varying levels of ornamentation, but it is highly advantageous in that it is tough, and it doesn’t easily collect undesirable odours or stains.
  • Linen – not a lot of people associate linen with upholstery. However, the heavyweight varieties which come with a thicker weave and overall thickness are excellent for restaurant furniture, not only because of their affordability, but due to their low-maintenance nature and sheer versatility, especially when it comes to the possible colours or other types of ornamentation that can be done with it.

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