Residential Wall Upholstery Benefits for Home Interiors

25 May 2020

Upholstery is normally found on chairs, sofas, and other furniture. It is the use of materials like fabric, padding, webbing, and spring to create soft coverings for a specific surface or object. Even synthetic materials like dacron, vinyl, and serpentine springs are now used for upholstery.

Aside from furniture, upholstery can now be used on residential walls. As a matter of fact, many households prefer upholstered walls over other wall customisations since they come in many shades, fabrics, and textures. Moreover, this type of wall coverings offers many benefits that can significantly change the way a home interior looks and feels.

Unique Style

Some of you may want to acquire modern-looking interiors, while others would want to go back to classical architectural design. Whatever your ideal style is, wall upholstery can provide it without any problems. From texture to the design, wall upholstery can be modified according to your liking. It can even produce several visual effects on your rooms.

Warmth and Comfort

Residential wall upholstery is great for homes that want to balance their overall temperature. With its material, this type of wall covering can readily provide warmth and comfort to a household without the need for extra fittings and furnishings. Additionally, having them in intense hues allows the house to feel cosier and more calming.

Excellent Soundproofing

The installation of wall upholstery certainly benefits people who want excellent soundproofing. Some houses have home theatres, recording studios, and other places where soundproofing and improved acoustics are required. The presence of upholstery on the walls readily mutes and blocks outdoor noise and give the quietness needed for better acoustics and sound quality.

Durability and Longevity

Compared to wallpapers and other wall coverings, wall upholstery is much more durable and much cheaper. The materials used for wall upholstery are made to last for a long time without the need for regular replacements and maintenance. And because they are durable, wall upholstery can readily provide your walls better protection from any damages.

Great Flexibility

The problem with wallpapers, paint, and other wall coverings is that they do not go well with irregular surfaces. They might even form some wrinkles, bubbles, and other problems in the long run. Alternatively, wall upholstery can be installed over surfaces that have some irregularities. Moreover, the need for wall preparation is minimal since it does not require the removal of prior paint or covering.

Eco-Friendly Process

Installing wall upholstery is believed to be ideal for homeowners who are conscious and sensitive about the environment. Any chemicals or toxins that other wall coverings possess are not present in wall upholstery.

With residential wall upholstery, you can expect your rooms to have great appearance and features without spending a huge amount of money. If you want to install upholstery on your walls, you can always contact us at Absolute Upholstery. For many years, we are well-known as a high-quality upholsterer, both for domestic and commercial clients. We can take on all kinds of upholstery work, from small repairs to large commercial fit outs.

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