Recovering vs. Reupholstering Furniture: Knowing the Differences

12 January 2021

Furniture pieces such as chairs, beds, and others are mostly made from high-quality materials. But despite their quality, furniture pieces can still subject to wear and tear due to daily use. They can likewise deteriorate due to the existence of surrounding elements such as heat, moisture, dust, and others.

And so, many furniture owners would usually think of getting rid of their furniture pieces once their quality has gone bad. However, others would still save them by either recovering or reupholstering furniture.

While these two processes can make furniture pieces useful again, there are distinct characteristics that make them different from one another. If you are thinking of subjecting your furniture pieces to one of these processes, then here are some of their notable differences that you should know about.

Recovering Furniture

A lot of people tend to confuse recovering furniture to reupholstering furniture as both processes change the fabric of any given furniture. However, recovering furniture only involves the replacement of the outer fabric and retaining the internal components intact. The main structure of furniture, which mostly includes the springs, frame, padding, and others, are left untouched with recovering furniture.

While the mentioned parts are not truly exposed to outdoor elements, the prolonged use of furniture pieces can incidentally deteriorate them, especially if the furniture is often used for lifting heavy things. The process of recovering furniture does not cover these elements, which makes the furniture still prone to internal damages despite the change in its outer fabric.

Aside from replacing the outer fabric of the furniture, recovering furniture pieces also pertains to the replacements of loose items like pillows. Though, some repair centres would also replace loose items under their reupholstering process.

Reupholstering Furniture

Alternatively, reupholstering furniture involves the complete teardown of the furniture and replacing all the parts that have already been damaged. Parts of furniture pieces that are often replaced with reupholstery include the fabric, springs, frame, padding, and support systems. With reupholstery, the furniture is expected to function like a new one as it is comprised of new and clean parts.

The reupholstery process normally includes the replacement of padding, cushions, and springs. Additionally, it entails the rebuilding of the upholstery foundation. Modification, refinishing, and mould mitigation can likewise be done during the reupholstery process, which makes a piece of furniture protected from any damaging elements in the surroundings.

A high-quality reupholstery process may not be truly affordable, but it would normally result in high calibre detailing at essential parts of the furniture. Additionally, a well-defined reupholstery would not leave any swollen look or hollow spots throughout the furniture pieces.

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