Outdoor Bench Cushion Materials: Best Options that You Can Choose From

11 July 2018

Outdoor benches are a wonderful addition to any home’s patio or garden areas. They built to be functional, rugged in an aesthetically pleasing way, and depending on the type of material they are construct from, they can be resistant to the ravages of weather. One problem however is that outdoor benches have a tendency to be uncomfortable, thanks in part to their minimalist nature and lack of cushioning.

Not to mention, it can be difficult to find water-proof cushions that would do well in an outdoor setting, without becoming ruined by the constant exposure to the elements. Thankfully, there are a number of solutions available that can make commonplace cushions viable for outdoor use, as well as cushions that are now specifically designed to be employed exclusively for outdoor settings.

Here are the top four materials that would make for great outdoor bench cushions:

  • Jute – jute is an affordable, durable, and long-wearing natural fabric that can be weaved as thin or as thick as needed. While not exactly ‘waterproof’, it is a ‘quick-dry’ material and would be ideal for use as outdoor bench cushions on patios that don’t receive the full brunt of direct rain. If used out in the open, however, jute is hardy and easy to dry once the sun is out, making it a no-fuss material for you outdoor bench cushions.
  • Polyester filling – while cotton and down are standard fillings for many types of cushions, ones that are intended for outdoor use can benefit from polyester fillings. Not only is polyester waterproof, it is also mould and mildew-resistant. Polyester is also a quick-drying material, which does not collect off smells that result from damp conditions.
  • Leatherette – leatherette might not be a good idea when you are looking for a good ‘outdoorsy’ material, but many new types of leatherette can be made seamless, and most are even made with a water-resistant finish that will make it perfect for full outdoor exposure. Kept buffed with wax, leatherette should keep from drying out and cracking, and can last a long time even when exposed to the elements.
  • Linen – linen is a good choice because it is lightweight, quick drying, and easily washable. Used as a cover for polyester-filled cushions, linen makes for a very fashionable and versatile outdoor pillowcase that is low-maintenance and long-lasting.

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