New Sofa Upholstery Trends for the New Year 2018

16 January 2018

One doesn’t really have to update their furniture each year. But if you’ve been stuck with the same old boring spread since the late nineties, a little welcome change would be an excellent investment. Where the early to mid-2000s saw a rise in the popularity of minimalist furniture and dark or monochrome colours, 2018 is a welcome burst of colour and style.

Gone are the often odd or otherwise weirdly designed ‘futuristic’ furniture, and back are the tried and tested classics that were once the paragon of style, quality, and largesse. And, what’s even better? These designs are back with a colourful twist!

Here’s what 2018 has in store for must-have furniture for every home that needs a long-overdue revamp:

  • Regency is back – regency-style furniture that is. Think the ornate framework and beautiful scrolling woodwork on French furniture, the likes of which you’d see in movies like Beauty and the Beast. Minimalism is out, but thanks to the wonders of modern upholstery, highly ornate furniture no longer has to cost anyone an arm and a leg.
  • It’s all about the colour – you no longer have to settle for matte-blacks, glossy black leather, charcoal grey suede or dun nappa, or any of these monochrome bores. Now, colour reigns, and it’s a much welcome change for people who want to liven up the homes. From wonderfully whimsical floral patterns which hearken back to the decadence of the Ottoman Empire, to the charming hues of teal, peony and chartreuse that Regency and Edwardian furniture did so well. Splashes of colour are now the deal-breakers in home décor.
  • A little touch of darkness goes well – dark colours may no longer predominate the new trends, but a little touch of dark reds, rich and royal purples, deep blues, and deep blacks, either as complimentary colours or as a backdrop for lighter shades, are perfectly welcome for the go-to furnishing styles of 2018. And, not to overlook the appeal of a leather sofa, these are truly timeless.

For anyone who would rather revamp their pre-existing furniture, to match the new trends 2018, instead of investing in a new sofa that will cost more money, contact Absolute Upholstery.

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