Leather and Fabric Upholstery Combination

23 August 2017

When you search for the ideal upholstery option for your house or business, you may feel a bit overwhelmed on whether to choose one in fabric or leather. To solve this confusion, you need to consider the merits of opting for the leather and fabric upholstery combination. We say this since this choice will provide you with the best of both materials in one piece of furniture. We share the characteristics of both of these materials in this information to help you understand the advantages of combining them in your furniture.

Attributes of Leather

One benefit of leather is the fact that it provides a classic look to any piece of furniture that you select to use it on for your purposes. Leather also is highly durable and will last for years under normal use conditions. There are various versions of this material depending upon the animals from which it originates from such as cattle breeds and buffalo breeds. As a flexible material, leather does stretch and give when people sit on it adding to the comfort of it. While in years past, you could only find leather in brown or black colours, today, you can choose from a vast array of shades from traditional brown and black to wine or even red tones. The last valuable attribute for leather that we will discuss will you is how easily you can clean and maintain it.

Characteristics of Upholstery Fabric

One important characteristic of upholstery fabric is the wide assortment of colours, textures and patterns that are available currently for your consideration. Quality of the fabrics varies, so you need to be certain to choose from the durable ones. They also are easy to clean and maintain throughout the years.

Reasons to Combine Leather and Upholstery Fabric in Furniture

Since these fabrics are less expensive than leather is, you can bring down the cost of your furniture pieces by combining both materials to create your home or business furnishings. In addition, you can take the classic look of leather and transform it into a modern look by adding a fabric with a geometric pattern on it for one example. On top of all of this, you can create a unique piece by combining different colours of leather with today’s unusual colour offerings in upholstery fabrics. Your only limit on possibilities is that of your own imagination.

For further facts about leather and fabric upholstery combination for your furniture, consult with Absolute Upholstery. We repair and upholster furniture for homes and businesses, and create custom cushions upon request.

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