Know the Pros and Cons of Faux Leather Fabric for Upholstery

29 April 2021

Faux leather is in high popularity today as upholstery fabric for sofas, ottomans, easy chairs, beds and other furniture items. A few years ago, this man-made leather product was considered undesirable for use in the home and office decor. Yet today’s fast-paced lifestyles feature many products that are designed for short-term use.

Also, many people move to new locations and homes more frequently than before. For this reason, fashionable faux leather furnishings and accessories that are less costly than genuine leather meet their short-term needs.

Although it is more costly, real leather upholstery made from the animal hide is beautiful and wears well. For anyone who is shopping for leather furnishings and favours natural materials, genuine leather is a logical choice. It offers pure, natural beauty and can add pleasing vintage allure to your room decor as it ages. Real leather is also breathable.

Pros and Cons of Using Faux Leather Fabric for Furniture Upholstery

There are various qualities and features to consider before selecting faux leather, genuine leather or another type of upholstery fabric. You want to decide what material is best for complementing and enhancing your current furnishings and overall room decor.

You also want to review your desires and needs for upholstery fabric that will last for short or long-term use. It is also best to focus on the amount of daily use that your home living room or your office reception area normally receives.

Important pros and cons of selecting faux leather fabric for your furniture upholstery include the following:


  • Faux leather is eco-friendly and less expensive than genuine leather. Using this man-made product for upholstery helps to preserve animal life around the globe.
  • Faux leather can be designed to feature a glossy finish when desirable. In contrast, the surface of natural leather must be polished frequently to maintain a sheen.
  • While faux leather can be manufactured in myriad different colours, real leather has only the natural colours of animal skins.
  • Faux leather resists cracking and creasing better than genuine leather upholstery.
  • Faux leather needs very little maintenance and is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Faux leather is resistant to UV damage and fading.


  • PVC faux leather and most other types are not breathable.
  • Although it can be produced with a glossy finish, faux leather does not have the soft natural surface lustre that real leather offers.
  • Most faux leather upholstery fabric is not hypo-allergenic, while genuine leather upholstery does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Faux leather fabric can be torn or punctured easily due to rough use, but real leather is naturally resistant to such damage.
  • Faux leather lacks the natural scent of genuine leather upholstery, which some people like in their homes or offices.

When you consult our upholstery experts at Absolute Upholstery in Petersham NSW, you will receive excellent advice concerning the use of faux leather upholstery fabric. Our experienced professionals serve clients throughout Sydney and surrounding regions. They will guide you in selecting the ideal faux leather and other upholstery fabrics to enhance your home or business furnishings and overall decor.

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