Integrating Reupholstered Furniture with Your New Home Décor

21 May 2018

Reupholstered furniture is often a matter of great contention to many homeowners. There are conflicting opinions about reupholstered furniture, some people feel that anything that needs reupholstering shouldn’t even be in the home at all, especially when newly renovating a home. Others insist that there is a unique charm to reupholstered furniture that cannot be imitated by brand-new ones, and that can tastefully be integrated into new home decor.

While considering the opinion of both sides of the two opposing camps, there is no doubt that, at least monetarily, reupholstering furniture has its advantages, as it is more cost effective than having to resort to purchasing new furniture. However, even while the idea itself may seem a bit distasteful to some, tastefully integrating reupholstered furniture with your pre-existing or new home décor is possible.

Here are some tips that will help you to integrating reupholstered furniture with your new home décor:

  • Style is everything – and by style, means the furniture style itself. Certain types of furniture follow their own unique and distinctive style, and while having odds and ends of different furniture may seem fine for the eclectic-minded, if the furniture styles (e. g. modern versus traditional) clash, it will never work. There as to be a uniformity of style in most cases, in order for an integration to work well.
  • Complimentary aesthetics – sometimes, uniformity isn’t always possible, or ideal. In such cases, complimentary aesthetics – that is to say, anything that highlights and brings out the best in another piece – is to be desired. This might be a more ‘modern’ approach to décor, but if you fancy a lovely piece of new furniture, but don’t want to get rid of an old, sentimental piece, then reupholstering it can create a complimentary piece that can integrate with your pre-existing ones. And, it is definitely far easier than having to find new furniture that matches your new home décor perfectly.
  • Harmonizing – harmony is the key ingredient in home décor. One can successfully pull off an eclectic mix of things if it appears from careful scrutiny that they have an underlying theme that ties them all together, thus creating their own unique harmony.

Irrespective of your home decorating approach, reupholstered furniture provides not only a cheaper alternative to purchasing new furniture, buy it can be an excellent platform or baseline for decorating that combines the best of practicality and beauty for new home décor projects.

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