How to Choose the Right Kind of Fabric for Your Wall Upholstery

07 April 2022

Do you want to add a WOW factor to a single wall in your living room? There is an old technique, used in the 1980s that is making a comeback. It is using fabric upholstered walls to create a visual focal point in your home and draw together all the upholstered elements into a blended but interesting look.

Choosing fabric for wall upholstery depends on what colour, type, and style of fabric you want to use on the walls or ceiling. Then once you have the fabric you want, you will want to find a skilled wall upholsterer, which can be a bit of a challenge, but often a wallpaper hanger will have the skills to upholster walls.

The following tips will help you buy the right fabric for your project.

Determine the Amount of Fabric You Require

You need to check an upholstery chart to determine the amount of fabric you need. You need to measure the wall to hang the fabric and add two inches on each side for the hems you will either glue or staple along each wall edge.

Use Heavy Weight Fabric

Before choosing the pattern or style, choose heavyweight fabrics for a wall. You want a fabric that will not wear out or tear from being pulled tightly against the wall.

When you go to a fabric store, you can feel the fabric to determine the weight, but online you need to look for the technical weight, measured in grams per square meter or (GSM). Although a fabric marked as being medium/heavy to heavyweight should be enough for wall upholstery projects.

The Style

You have two options: buy a solid colour or use a pattern. Your choice will depend on your home decor and whether you want the wall to blend in with the furnishings or stand out as a focal point.

Solid neutrals or dark-coloured patterns can be best in high-traffic areas. A solid-coloured wall covering can survive rougher treatment if a room needs frequent cleaning.

Patterned fabrics are ideal for adding a focal point or drawing attention to a certain part of the room. Just be sure the pattern you choose does not overwhelm the room.

Natural Texture

Give the room a rich feel when you choose fabrics with a certain texture. Something like string cloth, grasscloth, heavy linens, or textures may do well. Use wallcoverings with natural fibres to add warmth and texture to the space.

There Is No Secret Here

Tying a room together isn’t a secret. It is just about listening to your design style honouring your room by adding what is missing. Use a colour palette that is your style and mix and match colours from this palette to add to your wall upholstery project.


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