How Customised Upholstery Can Help in Your Business Branding Image

23 June 2017

One of the goals every business has in common is to build and promote the company’s branding image. Ultimately, building a business brand image is a valuable investment that when done effectively can become distinctly iconic. When using the right colours, lettering, and images, a business brand can become overwhelmingly successful, and it can be as simple as Coca Cola’s white lettering on a red background.

Many businesses have undertaken the goal of building their brand image by promoting it through print and imagery online, but there are other ways to reinforce branding too, by availing of customised upholstery.

Customised Upholstery Reinforces Your Business Branding Image

There are many advantages of promoting your brand image using customised upholstery, mainly it can improve customers’ and buyers’ perspective about your company, in a favourable way. In fact, most aspects of brand identity can be captured and portrayed effectively through customised upholstery, such as:

  • Brand colours
  • Logo image
  • Fonts and typography

Here at Absolute Upholstery, we specialise in all aspects of upholstery and re-upholstery for commercial and residential needs. Businesses can definitely benefit by re-upholstering seating in waiting areas, office spaces, and dining areas of eateries to promote their brand image. Customised upholstery can transform sofas, chairs, couches, restaurant seating, benches, and even unique furniture pieces that will stylishly reflect your company’s image.

Consistent Quality by Absolute Upholstery

When using customised upholstery to promote your company’s image, the fabric, cushioning, and workmanship directly reflects on your company’s branding efforts. With that said, Absolute Upholstery has access to thousands of types of fabrics that can meet any brand’s theme, and high-quality cushions, such as high-density foam that will provide consistent comfort with multiple matching furniture pieces located in the same area. Also, when it comes to workmanship, you can expect the best from Absolute Upholstery, we have a fantastic reputation for consistent, high-quality work.

With over 35 years of experience upholstering all kinds of furniture, customised upholstery can definitely help your business branding image in many ways, it can:

  • Promote your brand image
  • Improve comfort of furniture
  • Make outdated pieces appear new
  • Gives a space a fresh look

Your brand represents your business, and quality upholstery adds to the entire customer experience and helps people to feel good each time they engage with your company.

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