Helpful Tips for Cleaning and Care for your Upholstery

08 May 2017

If you want to extend the life of your furniture, then taking care of your upholstery is a necessity. In fact, regular cleaning and care for your upholstery is the best way to not only bring life back to your furniture, but it can preserve its value as well and eliminate the need to replace or purchase new furnishings. It is not that difficult, if you know how to keep upholstery clean.

Tips for Cleaning and Care of Your Upholstery

The best way to preserve upholstery is to make sure that dirt, food and liquids are removed before these have become a part of your furniture, so cleaning should be conducted as soon as any of these are discovered. The longer dirt, food or spilled liquids remain on your furniture’s upholstery, the harder it becomes to remove them. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips for cleaning and care for your upholstery that you can do using easily obtainable items:

  • A vacuum
  • Clean white cloths
  • Clear dish soap
  • A horsehair upholstery brush
  • A small bucket

Using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment – by starting from the top of your furniture, use low suction with overlapping strokes and work downward, making sure not to use hard pressing motions for delicate fabrics, such as linen and silk. Vacuuming removes dust and dirt that build up on your furniture and that can slowly damage your upholstery.

Clean white cloths – for removing spots, pour a small amount of clear dish washing soap (½ teaspoon) into a bucket, add warm water to create plenty of suds, and then dip a soft horsehair upholstery brush into the suds, not the water. Next, lightly brush the spot and a small area of the fabric around it. Allow it to set for about a minute, then damp the cloth, but don’t soak it, and lightly wipe the area clean, but don’t use too much pressure as it could damage your upholstery.

If you notice that dirt is being removed, then continue at a slow pace. However, if this does not work, you may want to call a professional upholstery company to remove any stains, safely. Don’t worry if the upholstery of a valued piece of furniture becomes worn or ruined because professionals at Absolute Upholstery can reupholster your chair, coach, or stools, making then look just like new.

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