Different Upholstery Choices for Outdoor Furniture

08 November 2017

Outdoor furnishings add life to any patio. Unfortunately, this exposes them to harsh elements. Rain, snow, dust, and strong winds will eventually cause wear and tear on your outdoor furniture, especially if they are fitted with delicate upholstery. Thankfully, you can choose fabrics and upholstery which are better suited for outdoor furniture.

Choosing Upholstery for Your Outdoor Furniture

As a general rule, when choosing upholstery for your outdoor furniture, you want to go with a fabric that is either water-resistant or waterproof because it will protect your furniture from getting soaked with moisture. Fade-resistant fabrics that don’t lose their colour when exposed to heat or rain are also recommended.

Here is a list of the different upholstery choices that are common for outdoor furniture.

1. Cotton Canvas

Don’t be fooled by this cheap, plain woven fabric. Cotton canvas is a heavy-duty material and popular in outdoor applications. It doesn’t wear easily and it dyes smoothly and can be painted on with fabric paint. Canvas is available printed and pre-dyed, and with the added option for DIY projects, there is plenty of room for creativity.

2. Vinyl

It may seem like an unconventional fabric for upholstery. But its hardy and easy-to-clean surface makes it a practical choice for backings and pillows for outdoor furniture. It is water-resistant, very easy to maintain, and it comes in just about any colour desired. The only negative thing about using vinyl for outdoor furniture is to not place it directly in sunlight, as it tends to get too hot for people to comfortable sit.

3. Textilene

This kind of fabric is basically woven polyester with polyvinyl chloride coating (PVC). It is waterproof, fade resistant, mold resistant, and can act as a flame retardant. Due to its superior nature, textilene is commonly used as outdoor furniture upholstery for both residential and commercial properties. The only downside is that the material has a polyester, plastic-like feel.

4. Olefin Fiber

The synthetic fiber otherwise known as polypropylene has the capacity to withstand heat, rain, and molds. It too is very easy to maintain, however, Olefin fiber is a plastic cloth and does not offer the same aesthetic appeal as other upholstery materials.

5. Duck Cloth

Duck cloth is very much similar to cotton canvas, but with a tighter weave and smoother texture. Sadly, painting or customizing it can be a challenge. Duck cloth is more expensive, but it is worth noting that it is also tougher than cotton canvas.

Ultimately, the key to having long-lasting outdoor furniture is to choose the right fabric. If you are unsure about the best upholstery to use for your outdoor furniture, you can always consult with professionals like Absolute Upholstery to help you.

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