Dentist Chair Reupholstery: What Makes it a Cost-Saving Idea?

17 June 2019

One of the most common question people ask in regard to furniture is this, “Is it worth the cost to reupholster old furniture?” When considering the answer, the quality of the furniture is a key factor in deciding to reupholster and invest in furniture repair, or not. In the case of specialised furniture, such as dentist chairs, reupholstery is definitely worth the investment.

Like any quality furniture, over time and with much use, upholstery can fade, wear, and even tear, and when this happens a decision should be made to either repair or replace the furniture. For some people the sentimental value of furniture is the deciding factor to have it repaired and reupholstered, or if furniture is of good quality and made from exceptional materials.

In the case of medical furniture, such as dentist chairs, these are very special and expensive furniture that would be very costly to replace. When the upholstery of dentist chairs become faded, worn, or torn, it is the best cost-saving idea to have it reupholstered rather than to purchase a brand-new dentist chair. In fact, it is just basic common sense to reupholster a dentist chair and save thousands of dollars than to purchase a new chair.

Reupholstering Dentist Chairs to Become Better than New

Whether you want to change the fabric colour of a new dental chair to match your clinic’s interior, or you want to reupholster worn, faded, or torn fabric of an existing dental chair, reupholstery is the best cost-saving idea. Another good reason to reupholster a dental chair is to make it more comfortable for patients during surgery, as the foam in older chairs often becomes very uncomfortable after years of use.

At Absolute Upholstery, we carry a wide range of fabrics to choose from that will match the interior of dental clinics, and we can add high-grade foam to make dentist chairs more comfortable to patients during surgery. With the focal point of a dental clinic being the dentist chair, making sure that the upholstery is new and the chair is comfortable is paramount to the impression patients will have when visiting, and after they leave.

Because dentist chairs are hardy and made to last, there is usually nothing wrong with older dentist chairs other than the fabric wearing-out. Otherwise, older dentist chairs are still reliable and functional.

If you are interested in reupholstering your new or existing dentist chair, Absolute Upholstery can help with in-house reupholstery service. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote for dentist chair reupholstery.

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