Common Amateur Upholstery Mistakes that You Should Avoid

04 September 2019

Whether you rent or own your home, an effective way to transform your living area into a luxurious space is by upgrading your old furniture. Reupholstery is an affordable alternative to purchasing new furniture, and if done correctly can make old and worn furniture look new again.

Because of the internet and channels such as YouTube, there are many DIY videos available that show people how to upholster all types of furniture and furnishings such as couches, chairs, and pillows. However, while most DIY upholstery videos are geared towards amateur upholsterers, advise and techniques given are at time not consistent, resulting in some common amateur upholstery mistakes.

Avoiding Common Amateur Upholstery Mistakes

If you enjoy practising restoring furniture upholstery, then you will surely want to avoid common DIY mistakes people make when reupholstering. To help you avoid costly errors, here is a list of common amateur upholstery mistakes people make:

Compromising upholstery quality – the main purpose of upholstering is to make furniture look best and to match the room where it will be placed, and to add a layer of comfort to support and protect cushioning. A common amateur upholstery mistake is when people compromise on fabric quality to save on the cost of upholstering.

While it is reasonable in many cases to be economical, in some circumstances it is not a viable long-term solution. For example, low-quality fabrics are not expected to last longer than a few years, as the colour is more likely to fade and become worn easily. For a little more money, it is advised to purchase quality fabric when upholstering home furniture.

The wrong choice of fabric – choosing the best fabric for your furniture is not as easy as it sounds, as there are several things to consider. The type of furniture, where the furniture will be placed, your desired colour scheme, your lifestyle, and fabric durability are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the best fabric to use.

Trapped by trends – probably the most common amateur upholstery mistake is falling victim to new trends. There are many, many wonderful fabrics available to choose from, and while the latest home décor trends and fabric styles my look appealing, these may not be what is best for you and your home furniture.

If you have an upholstery project planned, and you would like some professional advice or help, then feel free to contact us here at Absolute Upholstery, we can help you avoid common amateur upholstery mistakes people make.

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